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Malu Trevejo requests Travis Scott to release her from her music contract

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It seems that Malu Trevejo might be ready to add to the troubles of Travis Scott. Previously, the Cuban-American singer claimed that Scott’s record company, Cactus Jack have signed her. However, Scott’s manager instantly denied this. On her Instagram stories, she responded and called the company out. After a few months, Trevejo revealed that she has parted ways with the label. Now she is threatening to expose Scott if they did not let her out of the contract.

Few months ago, Malu Trevejo announced a happy news which instantly became sour

Initially, Malu Trevejo became famous for her videos on TikTok where she has 20 million followers. In 2017, her song, Luna Llena got over 100 million views. On her birthday this year, Malu Tevejo announced that Travis Scott’s label, Cactus Jack Records have signed a contract with her. She revealed this with a picture of herself and Travis Scott. However, Scott’s manager, David Stromberg, shut down the news, calling it fake. In response to this, Trevejo shared a screenshot of her song to prove that it was copyrighted by Cactus Jack. At the same time, she maintained that the news was not fake at all.

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In November, she revealed that she has parted ways with Travis Scott’s label

Malu Trevejo Requests Travis Scott To Release Her From Her Music Contract
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While people were still trying to figure out the truth about her contract signing, Malu Trevejo revealed that she is parting ways with Cactus Jack Records and moving on. On her Instagram stories, she said:

I wouldn’t lie about getting signed by anybody. Things just changed and that’s ok. I don’t gotta lie, ask the man himself. How many times he said he believed in me and he wanted to help me. Stop spreading lies. I had a two hour conversation with him, crying and hugging him. He knows I ain’t lied about anything.

Similarly, Malu Trevejo shared a screenshot of the contract she signed with Scott’s label. This was her way of proving to her fans that she did not lie and the news was not fake.

Recently, Malu Trevejo threatened to expose Travis Scott over Cactus Jack Records

Despite her claim that she had parted ways with the label, Malu Trevejo is once again talking about Travis Scott and Cactus Jack Records. In her Instagram stories, she wrote:

“@travisscott let me out of the contract. Really don’t wanna expose the behind scenes shit so just let me out of it!!!!! Like whyyyy trying to hold me when u denied everything. Let me gooooo!!!!!!!!! Nowwwwwwww.”

While it is unclear as to what exactly she will be exposing, Malu Trevejo seems to be angry. At the moment, Travis Scott is facing multiple lawsuits worth $2 billion. After 10 people died and 300 got injured in a stampede at the Astroworld festival, many families are suing the rapper and the organizers. Although Trevejo claims that it is not about the current situation, people are confused about it. So far, Scott or his team have not responded.

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