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Hasan Piker gets banned on Twitch for saying one word

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In recent news, Hasan Piker is banned from Twitch for using a racist word. According to reports, he used the word, cracker, in one of his streams. This led to him getting banned from the platform. After a tweet went viral, he confirmed the news. Although the ban is temporary, it did raise some eyebrows. According to the rules Twitch has set, it is prohibited to use any kind of racist slurs.

Who is Hasan Piker?

Hasan Piker Gets Banned On Twitch For Saying One Word

In 2018, Hasan Piker started streaming on Twitch while he was still working at The Young Turks. According to him, he wanted to reach a younger audience. Therefore, he made a Twitch account and became the most viewed streamer. At the same time, he has the most subscribers on the platform. According to Hasan Piker, he wanted to represent the left-wing party and its ideology. He believes that most YouTubers and streamers on Twitch represented the right-wing. From playing video games to talking about politics, he covers all the latest news.

Recently, he bought a new house which led to people speculating about his net worth

A few months back, Hasan Piker bought a house in West Hollywood. Shortly after, the news went viral and people speculated as to how much is he actually worth. According to reports, the house cost him nearly $3 million. Previously, it was reported that his net worth is close to $2 million. However, people now think that Hasan Piker is worth much more than that. While he earns around $20,000 per month from YouTuber, Piker makes $150,000 per month from Twitch. With this hefty amount, he is definitely amongst the wealthier influencers.

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In a tweet, Hasan Piker revealed that he is banned from Twitch

On Monday, Hasan Piker faced a bump when his account, HasanAbi, got banned from Twitch. According to the news, he used the word, cracker, during a stream. Therefore, Twitch took action and temporarily put a ban on his account. In a tweet, Hasan Piker confirmed this news and said:

yes. it is for exactly what you think it is. anti white racism for using the term “cracker.”

For those who don’t know, cracker is a racist slur used to describe white people. In the past, Piker came under-fire when he criticized Dan Crenshaw in a stream who spoke in favor of US military operations overseas and said:

“What the f**k is wrong with this dude? Didn’t he go to war and like literally lose his eye because some mujahideen, a brave f**king soldier f**ked his eye hole with their d**k?”

After he received backlash, Hasan Piker admitted that he should have used appropriate words to express himself. For now, his Twitch account is banned. However, it might not last long. We will surely see him back in action soon.

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