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Matrix’s Keanu Reeves Laughed At NFTs as a Concept, But He Owns Cryptography

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Matrix’s Keanu Reeves is out here thinking what we we’re all thinking, why the hell are NFTs gaining so much popularity? The Hollywood star was quite skeptical about the future of NFTs. But he actually owns a bit of cryptography.

Here’s what he actually thought about NFTs.

Before we get to what he said about it, let’s talk about what NFTs are and why people are confused in its popularity. NFT stands for non-fungible tokens. NFTs are basically digital art files that you can own by paying in cryptocurrency. Of course, anyone can have that image file by saving it using the nifty trick of right click and then ‘Save As’. But you do not actually own the artwork. Those who do own it have a certificate of digital ownership that no one can replicate.

There are of course limited original NFTs out there. And recently, they’ve gained a lot of popularity as many people are investing in the business. From influencers to big Hollywood names, everyone is taking part in the NFT boom. There is Shawn Mendes, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Eminem, Cara Delevingne and Ellen DeGeneres, to name a few.

And Keanu Reeves is not one of them.

He and Carrie Anne-Moss are going to reprise their roles of Neo and Infinity in the new installment of the Matrix franchise. The Matrix movies are all about how technology took over the world and how it took away the freedom of the very humans that it was created to serve. So, naturally, Keanu was asked about his thoughts on NFTs and the crypto craze.

The interviewer asked:

People are buying NFTs for like $50. So, like when you think about the concept of digital scarcity and things that are – you know that can’t be copied.

Keanu Reeves adds with a chuckle:

Things that are easily reproduced?

The interviewer added saying:

But they’re not the same.

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But Keanu Reeves still thinks they’re the same. Just like everyone else, he doesn’t understand the hype behind it. Here is the clip of Reeves reacting to it:

One Twitter user even wrote:

“Imagine having the chance to interview NEO AND F**KING TRINITY ABOUT A NEW MATRIX MOVIE and you use it to ask them about NFTs.”

Another user found it hilarious that Keanu Reeves so effortlessly dissed the interviewer:

There was even an interesting GIF from the Matrix movies that had a hilarious caption:

The internet loved how Keanu Reeves shares the same thoughts about NFTs as the general public:

Here’s another clever meme:

Another user commented on how Keanu Reeves is actually quite skilled at business:

Basically, everyone loves Keanu Reeves even more now:

Reeves also shared that he owns cryptography

When asked if he owned any cryptography, the digital currency, he replied:

A friend of mine bought some for me a while back.

But Reeves shared he has not done anything with it because he doesn’t have the need to.

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