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Tony Lopez’ girlfriend Sarah Jade Bleau Is All Set To Launch her Collaborative Merch

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So a couple of days ago we heard really shocking news circulating on the internet about Tony Lopez and his girlfriend Sarah Jade Bleau. Most of you might not be aware of it because Tony and Sarah did not make any statements about these rumors. It all started when TMZ broke this news that Sarah Jade filed a case for separation with her rumored husband Tony Lopez. Now you guys must be thinking when did these two get married in the very first place?

Well!! Almost nine months ago a social media news reporter broke the news of the couple’s rumored marriage. And they also shared pictures of the couple’s marriage license which doesn’t seem legitimate to a lot of people. As anything can be made possible with photoshop these days. Anyone can fabricate a license using Photoshop or other photo editing tools. And even if the marriage license of the couple was legitimate, they never really talked about it with their fans.

So we don’t really know if the couple got married or not. Or if the divorce thing is just another rumor circulating on the internet. But I think we will have to wait and let the couple speak on this matter when they are ready. Moreover, everything seems to be fine between Tony Lopez and Sarah Jade Bleau. And their relationship as a girlfriend and boyfriend is still going really strong. As they post their photos and videos of each other all the time.

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Tony Lopez Is Very Excited For His Girlfriend Sarah Jade Bleau’s Collaborative Merch With Reckless Minds

Since everything is going well with the couple, you guys must be wondering why are they not doing collaborations together. Well, they do collaborations but it’s been a while since they launched any clothing stuff and accessories. But we have a piece of really good news for all of you. Tony’s girlfriend Sarah Jade Bleau is all set to launch her collaborative clothing merch with Reckless Minds. Before we go any further, I would like to tell you all something about Reckless Minds.

What is Reckless Minds?

“Reckless Minds was created a year ago, by two individuals very much concerned about making a positive difference. Reckless minds is about using fashion, art, and creativity to let people express themselves and open up about various issues related to fundamental well-being.”

So I guess it’s safe to say that Reckless Minds is all about bringing talented young people under one roof to share their interests in different fields of life. And Sarah is working with them for a very long time now for their collaborative merch which is definitely going to be a hit. And guess who is there to support his girlfriend as always? Well! It’s going to be none other than the very talented TikToker Tony Lopez. Though Tony and his brother Ondreaz stopped producing their merch from the past couple of months.

But Sarah is taking baby steps towards launching her collaborative merch with Reckless Minds. It’s all set to launch this Friday on Presale. This means you can buy the clothing items when they will go up on the website for launch. But the shipments will be made later sometime when the stock will be available for deliveries.


Sarah announced this news on her Instagram and all of her fans are excited about her collaborative launch and so is Tony. He also commented on Sarah’s Instagram post and said, “Yaaay! Let’s get it (the merch).” And there is one more thing about this merch which is really cool. It’s totally eco-friendly and made with bio cotton. This means people who have really sensitive skin should get their hands on it before it gets out of stock. Let us know in the comments down below if you guys are equally excited for this merch as we are.

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