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Did the ACE Family lie about deadly gas leak in their home?

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A few weeks ago, ACE Family talked about their foreclosure house and the issues it had. According to them, their contractor and builder scammed them. At the same time, they explained that there were cracks in the walls, the ceilings would leak and most parts of the house were hazardous. Similarly, they talked about a gas leak on their property that caused them to evacuate. However, they also claimed that they did not have any gas connection. Now a YouTuber has come forward with proof which means that the couple might have lied about the gas leak.

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After the foreclosure drama, ACE Family sat down to explain the details

A few weeks ago, ACE Family couple, Austin and Catherine McBroom uploaded a video and talked about the foreclosure situation of their previous home. According to them, the builders and contractors scammed them. Despite them living in the house for 2 years, they never got the certificate of occupancy. Therefore, they did not fully own the house. Similarly, they could not get a gas connection because of this. In the video, ACE Family detailed all the construction issues their house had. From cracked walls to leaking ceilings, the house was a hazardous place. At one point, Catherine McBroom narrated an incident where they found a gas leak in the house. When their security guard rushed inside and told her about it, she took her kids and important documents. Shortly after, the family evacuated the house and called the city department to take care of the leak.

Despite their explanation, people still doubted them and prompted them to speak up again.

On their last day in the disputed house, ACE Family took us through their day. In the video, they showed us all the issues the house had including the dangerous swimming pool, leaking sinks, and cracked walls. At the same time, they again addressed the issue of a gas leak. According to them, people did not believe them and wanted a further explanation. While talking about the gas leak, ACE Family recalled that although they did not have a gas connection in the house, the leak was outside the house but on their property. Before it could reach the house, the security guard warned them and asked them to leave asap. Therefore, they moved into a hotel. According to the couple, if the gas had reached inside, it would have been deadly.

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Recently, a YouTuber came forward to debunk the lies ACE Family told about the gas leak

At the beginning of the video, the YouTuber called Be Thee Commentator alleged that she gathered the information from four different departments. According to the YouTuber, she was curious about the ACE Family and their claims of the gas leak. Therefore, she did some digging and found out some proof. According to an environmental document that reports such incidents on their property and the area near it. There was no gas leak reported on the property. After that, she used her contacts to see if there was any record of the incident reported. Once again, there was no record of any such incident reported by the ACE Family or their team. A the same time, the local fire department or any other city department has no record or document which states that such an incident took place at their property. In the end, the YouTuber commented that either they were lying about it or they had an illegal gas connection that caused the leak. And because they did not take permission for the connection, they could not report it.

Despite them moving out of their previous house, ACE Family is not fully out of hot waters. If they have indeed lied about the gas leak, it can bring new problems for them.

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