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Adele smells friendly and warm, tells NikkieTutorials

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Last week, Adele appeared in a video on NikkieTutorials YouTube channel. During the video, the two talked about her new album, 30, her makeup routine, and the singer being her true funny self. At the same time, they showcased the power of makeup where one side of her face had makeup on it and the other side had none. Since then, the fans of Nikkie de Jager have been curious about how exactly is Rolling in the Deep singer. In response to that, Nikkie uploaded a new video to detail her experience with the singer.

When Adele agreed to be on her video, it was a dream come true for Nikkie

Adele Smells Friendly And Warm, Tells NikkieTutorials

Since the beginning of her YouTube channel, Nikkie Tutorials have made it clear that she wants Adele on her channel. Interestingly, her dream came true last week. In a video where they showcased the power of makeup, the singer sat down with the makeup guru and talked about everything. From her album to talking about the Real Housewives, they chatted about everything. During the video, Nikkie started her eyebrows and Adele shared a hilarious story about her own. She said:

I dye my eyebrows and if I don’t, I look like Voldemort. My eyebrows are really pale and blonde. There’s a photo once I saw of me leaving a Lady Gaga gig in London. I looked crazy; I looked like an elfling or something. My eyebrows were so blown out from having not been dyed. My baby was 6 months old, I didn’t do anything but brush my teeth really. So yeah, I need a brow.

At the same time, she revealed that she learned to dye her own eyebrows during the pandemic. She watched a lot of YouTube videos and can do it on her own at home. When Nikkie asked if she lives to watch Real Housewives, Adele admitted that she cannot and said:

I can’t. I think my brain would die. I watched on episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey where they were killing each other and that was enough for me. It was too much for me. I’d rather watch David Attenborough instead.

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After that epic video, people urged Nikkie to reveal her experience with the super star

In order to discuss her own experience with Adele, Nikkie made another video. According to her, she had been dreaming of doing Easy on Me singer’s makeup for years. Therefore, it was her wildest dream coming true. In her video, Nikkie revealed that she had to fly all the way to London to meet the singer. While she was nervous about her own appearance, doing the makeup of A-list celebrity was the main concern. Therefore, she decided to go for the power of makeup which is a fail-proof concept. After reaching the studios, she and her team found out that Adele might be late. However, she arrived half an hour earlier than expected. Throughout the filming, the two women had a great chat, and the singer put her at ease with her humor and friendly nature. According to Nikkie:

A lot of people have asked me how she smells. Well, Adele smells rich. She smells friendly and warm, kind of a floral scent but spicy and sexy and mysterious at the same time. Its basically how you would expect her to smell.

In the end, Nikkie said that she wants to thank her fans who have helped her to reach this point in her life where Adele noticed her and wanted to film with her. Similarly, it was one of her goals to do her makeup which has come true.

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