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Trisha Paytas took fiance’s car away, told security to not let him leave before the wedding

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Recently, Trisha Paytas got married to Moses Hacmon. While this is one of the most awaited weddings, it is going viral for all the wrong reasons. According to people, the venue of the wedding looked pretty empty. Meanwhile, Hacmon claimed that Paytas had told security to not let him leave the venue. Although they have denied this claim, people are not convinced. After several months of backlash and criticism, the couple has finally tied the knot.

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After Trisha Paytas quit Frenemies, the couple had a falling out with Klein and his family

Although Moses Hacmon and Hila Klein are siblings, they are not on talking terms. When Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein started their feud, the two siblings took sides of their partners. In 2020, Paytas and Hacmon got engaged. Since then, the sides have been saying things against each other. According to Klein, Hacmon and Paytas should not be dating in the first place. At the same time, he accused the YouTuber of framing their high school teacher of s*xual assault. On the other hand, Trisha Paytas and Hacmon accused Hila and Ethan Klein of creating issues between them. Similarly, Hacmon called out his brother-in-law for making fun of him for being with his Frenemies co-host. In the end, the Kleins blocked the couple from social media and refused to talk about them.

On the other hand, Hacmon’s ex-girlfriends came forward with serious allegations against him.

After his engagement with Trisha Paytas, Moses Hacmon had to face issues of his own. Not only did his family abandon him, but two of his ex-girlfriends also came forward with serious allegations. While one woman claimed that he r**ed her, another woman, Daphney had a lot to say. According to her, Hacmon not only molested and r**ed her, but he also removed his condom despite her protests. While Hacmon claimed that it was a hookup, she declared that it was a serious relationship. At the same time, Trisha Paytas called her names and insulted her. In a video, Daphney hinted at suing Hacmon and Paytas. However, nothing came of it.

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Yesterday, Trisha Paytas and Hacmon got married and people noticed few things

In a YouTube video, Trisha Paytas and Hacmon announced their wedding. While the couple seemed happy and excited for their new chapter, people noticed a few things which were weird. At one point in the video, Moses Hacmon claimed that the security did not allow him to leave in his car. According to him, he needed a shirt but they did not let him leave and said that Trisha Paytas had ordered it. To this, Paytas responded that they had not given any such instruction. At the same time, people noticed that the venue seemed pretty empty and there were hardly any people around. During the ceremony, Trisha Paytas and Hacmon performed What Dreams Are Made Of from The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

For now, the couple are enjoying their new married status and uploading videos one by one.

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