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Trisha Paytas has finally married Moses Hacmon

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After months of planning, Trisha Paytas is married to Moses Hacmon. Over the year, the couple has faced a lot of backlash and criticism for various things. On their YouTube channel, Paytas had uploaded a video of them, eating together after the ceremony. The couple dressed up in black outfits. However, more details of the event are not confirmed yet. After meeting at Ethan Klein‘s podcast, the couple started dating and got engaged at end of last year.

Despite his family’s protests, Moses Hacmon stood by Trisha Paytas

After Ethan Klein organized a Bachelorette-type dating event, he invited Moses Hacmon as one of the contestants. According to him, he wanted to choose a boyfriend for Trisha Paytas. Shortly after, the pandemic began and everyone had to stay indoors. Despite the rules set, Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon started dating. However, it did not sit well with Ethan Klein, Hila, and their families. At the same time, a feud between Klein and Paytas started where they quit Frenemies and the podcast came to an end. On Christmas last year, Paytas got engaged to Hacmon.

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Since their engagement, the couple have faced a lot of backlash and criticism

After Frenemies ended, Klein revealed that Paytas had wrongly accused their high school teacher of SA. At the same time, he deleted the episode of his podcast where they had discussed this incident. On the other hand, Trisha Paytas claimed that Klein is lying. However, they had to cleanse their YouTube channel and deleted around 1300 videos. This led to them losing a massive amount of money. Similarly, Moses Hacmon was accused of cheating on his fiancé more than once. Despite him denying it, people were not convinced. At the same time, one of his ex-girlfriends claimed that he is shady. Another controversy the couple faced was about their dining room chairs. On Halloween, they revealed their new dining room and told the viewers that they have used real rabbit fur. In response to that, people bashed Trisha Paytas and Hacmon.

Today, Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon got married

After months of speculations, rumors, and drama, Trisha Paytas tied the knot with Moses Hacmon. On their YouTube channel, Paytas posted a video of the two after the wedding. While Paytas wore a black, glittery gown, Moses Hacmon was dressed in a black suit. In August, Trisha Paytas revealed that they will be wearing black sparkling Jimmy Choo sneakers. While talking about it, they said:

“Because my dress is really really long and, I guess I’ll just say it, I’m wearing a black dress at my wedding. It’s really long and princessy, so I got black Jimmy Choo sneakers to wear at my wedding.”

In the latest video, the couple looked happy and excited. At the same time, Paytas claimed that they could not believe that it was a reality and everything felt surreal. Similarly, Moses Hacmon looked relaxed and happy. We wish the happy couple all the best and cannot wait for rest of the details to come out.

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