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Jake Paul dismisses Bryce Hall, saying he’s not at his level

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According to Jake Paul, Bryce Hall is not on his level. When asked if he would ever fight Hall in a boxing match, he refused immediately. In his opinion, he passed that level a long time ago. The younger Paul brother has, in fact, made a huge name for himself in the boxing community and is looking to fight legends like Mike Tyson. On the other hand, Hall has fought just one match, that too he lost. A few weeks ago, Hall called the Paul brothers the most two-faced people in LA.

During a Q&A session with Tana Mongeau Bryce Hall threw shade at Jake Paul and his brother

While there is still some confusion about the relationship status between Tana and Bryce Hall, the two are extremely friendly. Therefore, they held a Q&A session and had some interesting things to say. During the session, Hall labeled Logan and Jake Paul as the most two-faced influencers in LA. According to him they will be very sweet to his face but will bitch about him behind his back. Tana Mongeau, who was at one point engaged to Jake Paul, did not interrupt him.

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Similarly, Hall also admitted that he would not fight the younger Paul brother in a boxing match

Jake Paul Dismisses Bryce Hall, Saying He's Not At His Level

Although it was Logan Paul who took the first step to enter the boxing ring, Jake Paul has emerged as the most successful boxer in the family. So far, he has won all four matches and is looking forward to fighting more professional boxers. Meanwhile, Logan Paul has been unlucky and has lost all his matches. Therefore, Bryce Hall is not scared of taking him on but is hesitant about the younger Paul sibling. During an episode of Barstool Sports’ Walk the Line podcast, Hall talked about it and said:

“I’ve never been knocked out in my life, and I think Jake would actually knock me the f**k out,. Price point? If Jake offered that s**t, I mean, I’m in there. I would get knocked out, but I would f**king go in there. Logan, I feel I have a way better chance against. But both are just very large men. 6’4 in person. I’m f**ing 5’10, I’m looking up at this guy.”

Recently, Jake Paul dismissed the idea of fighting with Bryce Hall

During an episode of a podcast, the host revealed to Jake Paul that Twitter wants him to fight with Bryce Hall in a boxing match. To which he said:

Bro, stop. Next, bro. We’re not going into that type of shit here, bro. There’s levels to this shit and I passed that level a long time ago. I’m not going down there. I’m not going LA route.

With this reply, Jake Paul has made it clear that he will never stoop down to have a fight with Hall. And you have to agree with him. Hall has fought only one match against Austin McBroom and he lost that too. At the same time, he might not have the same kind of commitment to the game as Paul. Therefore, this might never happen.

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