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Trisha Paytas’ Spotify hacked: Song named ‘I Kill Animals’ uploaded to it

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A few days ago, Trisha Paytas Spotify account got hacked. Interestingly, the hacker uploaded a song titled I Kill Animals. Instantly, it went viral and people had a field day reacting to it. For those who don’t know, Paytas and their fiancé, Moses Hacmon revealed their new dining room on Halloween. However, it was met with criticism and backlash as they admitted that the chairs are made from rabbit fur. In the end, Paytas had to edit the video. This song hints at that incident.

On Halloween, Trisha Paytas and Hacmon shared a video revealing their new dining room

Since last year, Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon have been engaged. This Christmas, the couple is all set to have a lavish wedding. In preparations to start their new life, they have also renovated their house. According to Trisha Paytas and Hacmon, they both were inspired by Tim Burton’s film, Beetlejuice. Therefore, they wanted the dining room to look exactly like the one in the film. During the video, Hacmon proudly revealed that the chairs have real rabbit fur on it. When Paytas asked him if they could say that, he said yes they could. However, it led to major backlash and criticism from people on social media. At the same time, PETA condemned their actions.

Recently, their Spotify account was hacked and a song titled I Kill Animals was uploaded

Trisha Paytas' Spotify Hacked: Song Named 'I Kill Animals' Uploaded To It
YouTube | Spotify

Interestingly, Trisha Paytas Spotify account got hacked a few days back. Along with their other songs, another song was released. It is called I Kill Animals. While the song focuses on the incident with dining room chairs, it also trolls the couple. At the same time, a major chunk of the song pokes fun at Moses Hacmon. During that time, it focuses on his face with Halloween makeup. The lyric video is uploaded on YouTube by Lil Radio Gamer.

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After the song with Trisha Paytas went viral, people hilariously reacted to it

While many poked fun at the lyrics of the song, others commented that Trisha Paytas might have uploaded it themself. According to one person:

So we are calling Trisha creating lies and drama for herself for attention “hacked”? 😂

Another person loved the song and said:

the lyrics are fucking chef’s kiss i’m dying 😂

Meanwhile, one person noticed that the song is also uploaded on Apple Music so it might not be hacked after all.

Needless to say, Trisha Paytas’s song, I Kill Animals got quite an audience and people loved it.

Despite the song’s popularity, Trisha Paytas has not responded to it at all.

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