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PewDiePie Funny Response Towards Indian YouTuber Promoting PewDewPie’s Channel In India

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Isn’t it shocking that an Indian YouTuber ‘Saiman’ is striving hard to promote PewDewPie’s channel subscription on Youtube?

He is doing this to establish PewDiePie’s win against the Indian Music channel T-series on You Tube.

Saiman: Indian PewDiePie Fan Supporting PewDewpie’s Channel

Saiman: Indian PewDiePie Fan Supporting PewDewpie's Channel

Saiman bought multiple billboards to showcase his favorite Youtuber around. In fact, this Indian PewDiePie freak has created enormous flyers to promote the star. Moreover, you can see Saiman in a T-shirt featuring his favorite video game pro. All these toils are carried to bring more subscribers for PewDiePie Channel on Youtube.

The Youtube gaming Diva responded comically to Saiman’s efforts in his recent twitter video with the simple caption, “Holy shit lol.”

The Youtube Contention Between PewDiePie And T-Series:

The rivalry between Felix PewDiePie Kjellberg and T-series is pretty fresh. Both of them are battling to get the tittle for the most subscribed channel on Youtube.

Felix “PewDiePie” reined for years as the majestic YouTuber on the video platform. However things are change for him now because an Indian music record and film production company called T-Series has invaded violently to capture the rival’s empire on Youtube.

Thanks to the online global connections, making this subscription war a world-wide debate.It seems that every internet user is now counting the daily subscriptions of both competitors.

T-Series Anticipated Lead For 2019

With the previous news of T-series dominance over the opponent’s counts, PewDewPie’s supporters turn fanatics. Numerous campaigns are now enthusiastically working to uplift PewDewPie’s channel.

Amazingly, one YouTuber fan of PewDiePie, Mr. Beast, has transformed his entire city into his favorite Youtuber’s ad. Mr.Beast bought billboards, local television spots, radio sound bites, and everything he could to convince public to subscribe to PewDewPie’s channel.

To another surprise,YouTuber Saiman based in India, also purchased numerous billboards around Mumbai to help Kjellberg.

Saiman requested the public,

“For the sake of YouTube, please subscribe to PewDiePie, because if you subscribe to PewDiePie, you are saving YouTube,”

As a matter of fact, these fanatic campaigning helped Kjellberg’s channel. PewDiePie’s channel now get more than 3 million new subscribers in a month’s period.

The fight has become intensely vying  right now, both competitors now have around 70 million subscribers.

PewDiePie Ignorance About Bangladesh

Moreover, the whole story took another turn when the video game commentator expressed his confusion between India and Bangladesh. This confusion sparked a rage with exploding counterblast.

Later, PewDiePie addressed to resolve the confusion. In a meme review the Youtuber posted on November 13.

“I know it’s a country! Come on.”

The Swedish Youtuber manages to gain a total of 70 million subscribers on November 10. Therefore, the YouTuber is still in the lead, despite T-Series’ predicted victory in 2019.

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