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Halsey Says They Might Stop Making Music After Motherhood

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The pop singer completely amazed the world with their latest album ‘If I can’t have love, I want power’ which was a goth-filled pop wonder of an album. They combined different genres of music with slow ballads to rock songs with them screaming their heart out. The album was their most authentic yet and they recorded it and released a whole movie about it while also having their first child, Ender. Halsey also hints that after motherhood, their priorities have changed and they might stop making music.

Here’s how we got to find out about Halsey’s potential plan to stop making music

Halsey joked that they would do a huge unfollow spree to make a little chaos on Twitter. One fan, replied saying, “girl you’re not taylor swift in reputation era”.

To this, Halsey firmly replied that all of her eras are reputation eras.

Every era is my reputation era I hate my life and I’m full of anger and vinegar

Then a follower asked them to release a new album that’s half lovey dovey pop and half dark pop like Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ album:

Halsey replied to the follower saying that it was bold of them to assume they are going to create new music.

A fan also added that whatever Halsey puts out, her fans are always there to cheer them on:

corny but isn’t it cool tho that you can release things not all of us LOVE but yet we all still love you and we’re here? like the range u have to experiment with us cheering u on wow love u

But Halsey explained that they actually love the ‘song discourse’ that takes place and constructive criticism. They just don’t appreciate when people are mean to them without any proper reason to it:

I love song discourse! I don’t ever want people to just blindly like whatever I put out. It wouldn’t be fun. I would lose the “will they like it?!” rush I get before releasing music. I just hate when ppl are mean to me (not my work!) for absolutely no reason.

Then the singer further elaborated on their emotions that since being a mother to Ender, they’ve become more sensitive.

A fan asked them if they’ve considered not releasing new music since having their child Ender.

im highly sensitive since having my child and I want to protect him from having to read or hear unnecessary things about me in the future considering I have 0 control over what people say abt me and he didn’t ask to receive that volume of info so I do think about it sometimes

Another fan offered kind and encouraging words:

I know you want to protect him but like you said maybe you will have zero control over that. I don’t think he will pay much attention to what ppl have to say about his mom, he will know you, he’ll have all the answers at home

Halsey shared that they agreed with the fan was saying but it’s not easy to switch off the part of them that cares about the load of internet opinions on them. Hence, they have to always prioritize their life and well-being first.

You’re right! But I think more importantly, the kind of mom I would be, if I woke up every day worried that the internet thinks I’m genuinely a bad person, wouldn’t be a good mom. I’m not capable of turning it off and “not caring” so I have to position myself to put life first

The problems of fame breaking human brains was also discussed

The conversation shifted to how fame is so hard in the digital age because so many opinions are fired at the celebrities all the time. Halsey shared that it definitely makes your “brain break”:

Fame is just weird to directly engage with bc I don’t think human brains are chemically hardwired to be able to intake soooo much information that is essentially an analysis of themselves by millions of people and constantly questioning if it’s true. It makes ya brain break

A fan agreed and shared that having this experience can become very “mentally tolling”:

I think that the human brain was never meant to endure so many opinions because we never had the connections we have now through social media and other platforms and I feel like that is very mentally tolling with a following as large as yours

The singer ended the interesting conversation that one day she might stop sharing everything completely and go off-grid. They would rather live as a farmer in a random land:

Perhaps I will learn to stop spilling my guts and become the reclusive homestead farmer I was always meant to be. Write lots of books that I won’t let anyone publish till I die. Probably not. but if it happens, here’s the foreshadowing.

It would definitely be sad to get no more music from someone as talented as Halsey. Let’s see if they actually go through with this plan.

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