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Billie Eilish hosting & performing this week’s SNL

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Recently, SNL revealed their upcoming host which is none other than Billie Eilish. Along with making her hosting debut, she will also be performing on the show this Saturday. This week’s episode will be the second last of this year. Yesterday, a music video of her song, Male Fantasy was released. Interestingly, it is directed and edited by the singer herself. At the same time, it is her directorial debut. Looks like she is expanding her horizons and exploring new things.

Although she is very close to her brother, Finneas O’Connell, they both had a mutual teacher who taught them everything about music. At a very early age, their mother, Maggie Baird, decided to homeschool Billie Eilish and her brother. An actress and teacher herself, she taught them the basics of songwriting and music. This led to the brother-sister duo getting interested in music and pursuing it as a profession. At the age of 13, Billie Eilish started to work on songs. Last year, her debut album, Where Do We Go When We Fall Asleep, topped the UK Album Charts and Billboard 200. Similarly, her latest album, Happier Than Ever, has won her two Grammy Awards.

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Recently, she shared a clip of her music video which she directed herself

While it is no secret that her brother and mother help her with the music video,s Billie Eilish decided to try something new this time. For the music video of Male Fantasy, she put the director’s hat on and took charge. In an Instagram post, she announced the news and said:

“finallyyyyyyyyyy!! directed and EDITED BY meeeeeeeeeee! one of my first videos to edit all alone and it was such a fun task and very very satisfying. see you tomorrow ;))))))”.

Along with a successful music career, Billie Eilish is very active in various causes and is the youngest person to win PETA’s person of the year award. This came after Oscar De La Renta went fur-free because of her animal rights advocacy.

This week, Billie Eilish will make her hosting debut on SNL

After another successful year, SNL is coming to an end. In order to bring this season to a marvelous end, SNL is bringing Billie Eilish back for hosting and performing a musical set. In 2019, she made her first appearance on SNL when she performed Bad Guy and I Love You along with her brother. However, this time she will be hosting as well. Apart from her, musicians like Harry Styles, Nick Jonas, Stevie Wonder, Willie Nelson, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, MC Hammer, and Debbie Harry have been on SNL. They have all performed and hosted the show.

With this new addition to her resume, Billie Eilish is close to making history. And that she did in this weekend’s SNL, as you can see some of her highlights:

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