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Fans think Tony Lopez And Sarah Jade Bleau Are Pregnant

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So, recently this news started circulating on the internet that Tony Lopez’s girlfriend Sarah Jade Bleau filed for a separation. And some of you might have heard that both of these TikTokers allegedly got married this year in March. That’s quite shocking, right? Okay guys, take a deep breath and calm your nerves. Because I will try to break down the details of this news to you in a much simpler way.

As you guys know that Tony and Sarah started seeing each other last year in October. And they’re one of the most favorite TikTok couples. Then someone on the internet posted a picture of a marriage license that had Tony and Sarah’s names on it. And according to that, these two got married on the 13th of March. But both Sarah and Tony never really talked about it on the internet. So, we really don’t know if this news or the marriage license is legitimate or not.

However, TMZ just shared this news a couple of days ago that they were able to get their hands on some documents. Which claims that Sarah Jade Bleau, who also happens to be Tony’s girlfriend and rumored wife, just filed for a separation. But the thing is, Both Tony and Sarah never really talked about getting a marriage license in the very first place. They never even made any statements on this matter. And even after TMZ’s shocking revelations, the couple seems to be going really strong. So, there are two possibilities. Either the couple got married so that Sarah could spend more time with Tony in California. Or they never got married in the very first place. And social media news reporters are just sharing false reports.

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Fans Think Tony Lopez And Sarah Jade Bleau Are Pregnant After Seeing Their Christmas Special PJs Photoshoot

Moreover, a couple of days ago, Sarah posted a reel of photos on her Instagram story. In which she and Tony are wearing a very cute set of checkered PJs. As you all know Christmas is just around the corner, so everyone is buying comfy clothes for the special occasion. Sarah also posted some of the photos in a regular post. And there was this one photo that stood out from the rest.


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As you guys can see, Sarah has her hands around her belly. And Tony is covering her hands gently with his own. After seeing this picture, fans started asking Tony and Sarah if they are pregnant.

One after one, fans started asking the same thing.

Another fan thought their Instagram post was going to be a pregnancy announcement.

While most of the fans were happy for the couple and asked all sorts of questions. Another fan was not really happy with the photos, especially the one in which Tony and Sarah had their hands on Sarah’s belly. And said their photos look like a clout chasing stunt.

I don’t know if you guys remember, but a couple of months ago Sarah called Tony her Daddy, and fans got really confused after it. Later, they explained to the fans that it was just a joke between Sarah and Tony. As Sarah likes to call him Daddy. Guess, we will have to wait and find out if they are just posing in the pictures, or if they are really pregnant.

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