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Corinna Kopf loses $14,000 in bet with David Dobrik & Todd Smith

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In a recent video, Corinna Kopf revealed that she lost $14000 to David Dobrik and Todd Smith in a bet. However, that amount is not even close to how much she earns every month. According to reports, she made $4.2 million from OF. On the other hand, her earnings from YouTube and other endorsements are around $2 million. In the video, she also claimed to earn back the $14000 within hours.

A few weeks ago, a video went viral where she insisted that David Dobrik should sleep with her. According to her, Corinna Kopf asked him to have s*x with her when they were home alone one day. In response to this, Dobrik claimed that he would not be able to perform in bed with her. After this, she revealed that it made her feel really bad. Recently, she also had a dispute with Bryce Hall where she called him out for spreading false rumors. After he posted a picture of her new haircut, Corinna Kopf commented about it. However, she later claimed that it was not about him. This led to Hall lying that she tried to hit on him when he was underage. However, it turned out to be a lie and Kopf became angry with him.

According to sources, Kopf earns more than $6 million from OF and YouTube

Since the popularity of OF, influencers and social media stars have started earning in millions. In fact, if you are already an established influencer, it skyrockets. Similarly, Corinna Kopf became an instant hit on this new platform. Within 48 hours of her account launch, she earned $1 million from OF. In 2020, Corinna Kopf was worth $2 million from YouTube, brand deals, and other endorsements. However, she claims to make $4.2 million from OF. If this figure is to be believed, Kopf is worth $6 million, which is more than a comfortable place for a YouTuber.

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Recently, Corinna Kopf lost $14000 in a bet with David Dobrik and Todd Smith

Corinna Kopf Loses $14,000 In Bet With David Dobrik & Todd Smith
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In a recent video, David Dobrik and Corinna Kopf revealed that she lost $14000 in a bet. While playing a game, Corinna Kopf placed a weird bet. According to Dobrik:

She placed a bet on five numbers and said that if she hit any of these, I will have to get a tattoo of her name on my leg. But if I hit any of 31 of these numbers, she would lose $7000. She lost it to me and Todd.

In response to this, Corinna Kopf said:

I made that much yesterday, I don’t give a f**k.

Since then, people have been expressing their thoughts about this whole situation. Many have claimed that rich people are weird.

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