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ACE Family’s Austin McBroom wants to fight Jake Paul

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The last time Austin McBroom entered the boxing ring, it caused a lot of problems for him. However, it seems that he is all set to make a boxing comeback. In a recent interview, he expressed his wishes to fight Jake Paul in a boxing match. Previously, he fought Bryce Hall and won the match. In the past, he and Paul had some beef where the Problem Child accused him of cheating on his wife. Meanwhile, he ignited the feud by posing with Paul’s rival Tyron Woodley.

Last year, Jake Paul and Austin McBroom had a feud and things escalated

ACE FAmily's Austin McBroom Wants To Fight Jake Paul

In November last year, Austin McBroom called out Jake Paul in an Instagram post and said:

There’s a whole lotta boxing talk going on lately. I’ve been an athlete my entire life so it would be disappointing for me not to get involved. @jakepaul been running from me for years. I got $5m for whoever steps into the ring with me. TAG who you think would want this smoke 💨

In response to this, Paul claimed that McBroom is a cheater and his wife is in his DMs. However, the situation diffused and everything was back to normal. A few months later, Austin McBroom reignited the feud by posting a picture with Paul’s rival, Tyron Woodley. This did not sit well with Jake Paul and he made a TikTok which said:

“Oh, Austin! He switched up on me. He’s with my opponent! I’m in trouble, Austin? Does your wife know that you cheat on her every weekend? Does she know that you message every single girl on Instagram trying to get in their pants?”

Later, Paul slashed the tires of ACE Family’s cars. In the end, the two apologized to each other and settled the feud.

Few months ago, Austin McBroom organized the Battle of the Platforms which did not go well

In order to bring social media stars and influencers together, Austin McBroom arranged a boxing event, Battle of the Platforms. It was YouTubers vs TikTokers. During the boxing match, he fought against Bryce Hall and won the match. While it appeared to be a successful event, things started to go downhill afterward. According to the participants and influencers, no one got paid any money. At the same time, investors claimed that they did not earn any profit at all. This resulted in multiple lawsuits against the company which organized the event, Social Gloves. However, it was later revealed that McBroom himself owned the company.

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Recently, he expressed his wish to fight Jake Paul in a boxing match

Despite the lawsuits and the controversies with his house and Social Gloves, Austin McBroom has not given up on his boxing career. Recently, he talked about it in an interview with FightHype. When asked about his future boxing plans, he said:

“Yeah, real soon, man. I’ll be back in training camp in the next couple weeks. Big announcement next couple weeks. So everybody stay tuned.”

At the same time, Austin McBroom talked about Jake Paul’s upcoming fight with Tommy Fury and hoped that it is a good fight. When asked about his plans to fight Jake Paul, he said:

“Would I want the Jake Paul fight if we crossed paths? Most definitely, yeah. You know, we got some history there, we got some history there, but we’ll see.”

Let’s hope that this time Austin McBroom does not get sued and everything goes smoothly for him.

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