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Serena Williams Asks Twitter About The Most Dangerous Avenger, Fans Respond Hilariously

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Out of only limited impossible things for Serena Williams, staying out of the news for long is one of them. She had to face racism and sexism simultaneously from the umpire at one of her games where she was wearing a catsuit. Then, a racist cartoon of her surfaced in the French newspapers after she spoke her mind on the issue. Now, recently, Serena starred on the cover of Men’s GQ Magazine as its first female face. However, this move of gender diversity by the magazine did not go well with the fans of Serena Williams. Apparently, the magazine had listed Serena as the Woman of the Year, with the word woman being in inverted commas.

Fans pointed out that it was the magazine mocking and ridiculing Serena over her recent gender controversies. The air was later clarified when it was revealed that the inverted commas were a signature style of the GQ’s title card designer. Moreover, he had even copyright his inverted comma statement. Currently, Serena is looking forward to her marriage anniversary this week. But before we can talk about that, the pro tennis player’s particular tweet is attracting media attention. A few days ago, Serena Williams asked Twitterati who they thought was the most dangerous Avenger.

Her fans reacted to her tweet with utterly hilarious comments.

Fans Think Serena Williams Is The Most Dangerous Avenger

The prompt and most immediate response was ‘You‘. Yes, you heard it right. A vast majority of fans, very understandably, pointed out that for them the most dangerous of all Avengers was Serena Williams herself. Serena indeed is a superwoman; she is not only breaking records with her masterful tennis game. But she is also balancing well her family life, parenting duties, and social obligations. In response to a comment where a fan had pointed out that Serena was the most can be Avenger, there was not a single person who disagreed. In fact, a fan even posted a poster featuring Serena Williams as a superhero.

Fans Divided Between Hulk And Thor

Some fans gave more conventional responses. Consequently the clash of entailed a heated debate. Fans divided their argument mainly between Thor and Hulk. There was a majority of fans supporting Hulk for unreliability and insurmountable strength. A vast majority of Marvel fans joined the particular thread articulating their own minds about who they believe is the real threatening mascot of the Marvel franchise.

Some fans; however, were more witty than the others. They pointed out that while Hulk was the most dangerous Avenger on Marvel, the most dangerous Avenger in real life was none other than Serena Williams. Some fans even posted GIFs on Twitter that compares Serena to the Marvel giant. The first GIF showed Hulk brutally smashing a car. Serena, in another GIF­, similarly thrashed her racket on the floor after a tennis match. The resemblance there was undeniable. Fans later massively retweeted the GIF.

Celebrities Agree With Serena’s Fans

Celebrities like Bustle editor Alexandra Svokos and Mauvais Glacon supported the idea of Serena Williams being a true Avenger. An intellectual fan also pointed out that to him the most dangerous Avenger was Venus Williams especially when Roberta Vinci tries to be rude on the court.

A few men also posted quirky responses on Twitter. There they pointed out that to them, the most dangerous of all Avengers were their wives. Other hilarious responses included Johnny Depp, Darth Vader, and even the US Open Empire.

Who Would Win If There Is A Battle Between Serena And The Avengers? Twitter Weighs In

A fan also asked Serena if she was willing to take on some of the most dangerous Avengers. He told Serena that he would definitely root for the 23 times Grand Slam winner if a battle like that ensues.

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