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Adele had her Instagram password taken away by her team, & here’s why

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For us, logging in to Instagram to see the wonderful moments from our friends’ lives might be a norm, but not for Adele. Most famous singers and stars rarely have access to their own social media accounts. After all, you have to be extra careful before posting something that millions of fans will instantly see. Despite that, Adele got access to her Instagram account a while back, only for it to be taken away. In a recent interview, the Easy On Me singer has revealed why her team took away her Instagram password.

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Why the singer’s team took her Instagram account away

Adele Had Her Instagram Password Taken Away By Her Team, & Here's Why
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In her recent interview with makeup and beauty vlogger NikkieTurotials, Adele revealed that she did not particularly enjoy live streaming on Instagram. Furthermore, she revealed that she doesn’t have access to her Instagram account anymore. As to why that happened, she said:

In COVID, they let me have my password. I was never allowed my passwords for my socials before. It’s actually quite a well-known fact. They were worried if I’d get drunk, or be annoyed, whatever I would do. Not responding to anyone, more just posting my general thoughts.

When Adele actually received access to her official accounts, she did pretty much what all of us did – share memes and jokes with her friends. However, she once posted a picture of herself which forced her team to revoke her access to her account again. She said:

I would just share funny memes and stuff with my actual friends. And then I posted a picture, which a lot of people know about. It’s the only picture I ever posted myself. And then they took my password away from me again.

However, Adele did not specify which particular picture she posted. However, people have theorized that it could be the picture in which she wore traditional Bantu knots and a Jamaican flag bikini top at the Notting Hill carnival in London. That picture stirred controversy on social media, with people blaming her for cultural appropriation.

Will Adele ever go live on Instagram again?

Apart from that, Adele is not a big fan of going live on Instagram anymore, saying she just can’t be bothered about how she’s supposed to look and what she’s supposed to do online. When asked if she’d ever go live again, she said:

No, because I had no idea how to f***ing use it … I would never do it again, I don’t see what all the fuss is about, I didn’t enjoy it at all. I mean I enjoyed it while I was doing it, but then all my friends were like, ‘Are you OK?’ And they told me what I was supposed to be doing, and what I was supposed to look like … Honestly, it was, like, meme-worthy.

Her live stream might be meme-worthy, but not her new album 30. Her album has broken all kinds of records in 2021, becoming the highest-selling album of 2021 in just three days.

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