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Jennifer Aniston Not Invited to Courtney Cox’s Wedding?

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Did you ever think that Monica would be getting married but Rachel wouldn’t be a part of it? Let alone be her maid of honor? Well, it certainly seems so. Apparently, Jennifer Aniston is not invited to the upcoming Courtney Cox wedding. Courtney got engaged to Irish rocker Johnny McDaid back in 2014. But ever since then, rumors of when the wedding would take place have been in the air. Previously, the couple was all set to tie the knot in June. And naturally, Jennifer Aniston was to be one of the bridesmaids. But recently, Aniston squished all these hopes announcing that she was not yet invited to the wedding. Are Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston not best friends anymore? Or the speculation that Courtney and McDaid are already married is true?

Did Courtney Cox Really Not Invite Jennifer Aniston?

Jennifer Aniston recently revealed that she has not yet received her invitation for the upcoming Courtney Cox wedding. For all those who believed that Jennifer would be the maid of honor at this wedding, let’s make it clear. Aniston informed the Irish Sun that she was not invited, and it was as simple as that. However, she added that she would definitely go if Courtney Cox invites her. But as of now, she is still officially waiting for a wedding invitation.

Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox go back a long way. And undoubtedly, we were all expecting her to get invited. For 10 years, Aniston and Cox played best friends on the sets of popular sitcom FRIENDS. And Rachel and Monica- the inseparable duo went all the way from being together in high school to Rachel dating Monica’s brother. Apart from the sets, the actresses revealed that they were bonding really strong in the real world too. For years, they remained each other’s best friends, and openly boasted their friendship. Jennifer Aniston once even revealed that she along with Courtney and Lisa Kudrow would be all up for a reboot of Golden Girls.

Considering that McDaid proposed to Courtney Cox at Aniston’s house in 2014, and she even hosted a bridal shower with an Irish theme for Courtney, expecting her to be involved in the wedding was an obvious guess.

Did Courtney Cox Already Tie The Knot?

Ever since the couple got engaged, rumors of their marriage have been circulating the internet. Recently, speculation arose that McDaid had already married his American fiance. But he soon spoke up denying all such claims. He added that he continually got the feeling that people thought they knew something when they don’t. He said it was funny because almost 15 times last year he got to know that he had gotten married. To clear all the situation, he announced that he was on tour at the moment while Courtney Cox was back at home in LA.

McDaid said that it was impossible that he was already married unless he did it over Skype or by proxy. So let’s just assume that they are yet to tie the knot. And maybe, they invite Jennifer Aniston soon?

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