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Rihanna Debunks Pregnancy Rumors Going Viral on the Internet

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The pop star whose album we are still waiting on, debunked some big news. There were some headlines floating around on the internet that Rihanna is pregnant with A$AP Rocky’s child. While the pop star queen was busy enjoying the new status of National Hero of Barbados after the nation becomes a Republic, there were rumors that she is pregnant. Many of her fans were happy for her but some were heartbroken at hearing that she’s fully committed to A$AP Rocky. However, it turns out that the pregnancy rumor was just that. A rumor.

Here’s the funny story of how Rihanna debunked the pregnancy rumors

When the whole internet was grasping for any news and information to confirm Rihanna’s pregnancy, one brave fan took the courageous step. She simply asked Rihanna directly in her DMs about the pregnancy news.

The fan, named Jen, wrote:

“Can I come to the baby shower sis!? 💀❤️ True or not your babies are going to be beautiful. Sorry everyone’s up in your uterus right now 😂💀”

Rihanna replied saying,

“Haaaaa! Stawwwp! You ain’t came to the first 10 baby showers! Y’all breed me every year dammit lol”

Jen posted the entire text interaction on her Instagram page and had a caption:

“😂😂😂 her uterus said ‘stay out of my damn business’ 💀😎 I spit my water out when she said ‘the first 10 baby showers’💀💀😭 regardless i’m happy for her either way she’s living life to the fullest! ❤️👸🏾👑 #riri #loveya”

Damn! And everyone thought she was actually pregnant! It looks like the internet had everyone fooled.

But Rihanna is totally up for motherhood.

Previously, she’s expressed a desire to have a child in a British Vogue interview. She shared that she wants to have a couple of children ten years from now:

“Ten years? I’ll be 42! I’ll be ancient. I’ll have kids—three or four of ’em,”

Moreover, the ‘Umbrella’ singer plans to have a child with or without a partner:

“Hell, yeah, [I’d have kids on my own]. I feel like society makes me want to feel like, ‘Oh, you got it wrong…’ They diminish you as a mother if there’s not a dad in your kids’ lives. But the only thing that matters is happiness, that’s the only healthy relationship between a parent and a child. That’s the only thing that can raise a child truly, is love.”

It seems like Rihanna has her whole life figured out and she’s happy with the pace she’s going at. Fans are still impatiently waiting for her to release her R9 album. Recently, she’s shared that the album will be coming out soon but we’ll have to wait and see what that “soon” really means.

In the meanwhile, we can be happy for Rihanna and her homeland Barbados. The nation just became an official Republic as it leaves the British Monarchy. This marks a truly momentous occasion for the people of Barbados who were fighting this battle for over two decades.

The Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley, gave the title of Hero to the pop star:

“(Rihanna) commands the imagination of the world through the pursuit of excellence with her creativity, her discipline, and above all else, her extraordinary commitment to the land of her birth. On behalf of a grateful nation, but an even prouder people, we, therefore, present to you the designee for national hero of Barbados, Ambassador Robyn Rihanna Fenty.”

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