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Demi Lovato Tells Off Fan for Calling her Team Rotten’ on Instagram

Demi Lovato tells a fan that they know nothing about what they are talking about after they call out her decision to fire Dani Vitale and then call her team rotten

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Demi Lovato has been out of rehab recently. She has split her recovery after an OD earlier this year. She has even been seen out with designer Henry Levi. Former flame Wilmer Valderrama is also supporting her through her sobriety as a friend. Not everyone is a friend though. One fan pointed that out in an elaborate couple of tweets. Demi cleared the record about her decisions and her team after the person called her team rotten.

A Fan Expresses Opinion About Demi’s Team

A fan by the name of ‘angela‘ and Twitter handle, demixlx wrote her opinion about Demi’s decision. Demi had recently fired her former backup dance Dani Vitale. According to demixlx, the the decision was not fair. The fan claimed that Dani was one of the few who cared about Demi. She wrote that Dani had been helping Demi stay sober for the past 3 years. Angela also claimed that Demi is surrounded by people who only care about her money. Demi is unable to see it, she ended the tweet there.

She screenshoted her tweet and posted it on her Instagram. She captioned her picture, which read;

“The demi team is so rotten and she does not realize it, needs a total change, mainly from dancers pretending to be friends like @d…… and others,”

Demi Claps Back

Demi Lovato has never been someone to stay quiet. When it came to someone talking bad about her team, she wasn’t staying quiet. She immediately clapped back at demixlx in her comments. She commented,

You know nothing about what you’re talking about.

She also followed that comment with another comment,

True friends don’t do interviews about you when you OD.

True dat!

While Demi is the only one who knows what happened. Or why it happened on the night she OD’ed. She was also quick to point out that her true friends comment was not about Dani Vitale. She commented,

“I’m not talking about Dani Vitale.”

Dani Vitale’s Plea of Innocence

This comes after Dani Vitale pleaded innocence on her social media. People had started to accuse the backup dancer of getting Demi into drugs. People also said that she provided the singer the drugs she overdosed on. Demi has struggled with drugs for the longest time. It was expected that someone close to her had threatened her sobriety. Dani wrote in her defense;

“I have never TOUCHED nor even SEEN a drug in my entire life. I DO NOT DO DRUGS, nor would I ever encourage, or supply them to anyone I love. People that I thought loved me were no where to be found or heard from, companies stopped replying [to] emails and I was alone.”

She also wrote how the rumors had impacted her life,

I wound up not leaving my house nor my bed for 3 weeks,” she wrote. “Ridden with severe depression, fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, disgust, numbness and many more adjectives that I’ve been feeling that I sadly can’t even put into words. Our words have meaning and consequences. ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.

While non one know what happened. Demi firing Dani reflects negatively on the backup dancer.

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