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Distasteful George Floyd Video Game Sparks Online Backlash

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Ever since the tragic killing of George Floyd, the majority of people around the world have expressed solidarity with the deceased as well as the Black Lives Matter movement. However, there have still been many who have behaved inappropriately in this ordeal. Some have outrightly denounced BLM, while some have tried to profit off of it, albeit very in a distasteful manner. Recently, a few Iranian game developers did the same with a sick George Floyd video game. And that was enough to spark enormous backlash.

Distasteful George Floyd Video Game Sparks Online Backlash
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Named “Save The Freedom,” the theme of the video game is based around the killing of George Floyd. Back in May of 2020, Minnesota Police Officer Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd in broad daylight by putting his knee on his neck, choking him to death as a result. The leaked video was quite grotesque and sparked protests all around the world in favor of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Last year, Iran’s Basij paramilitary force – a branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps – developed the George Floyd video game at the behest of IRGC General Mohammad Reza Naghdi. The Sun reported that he wanted a game where players save “this black citizen from American police,” which he expressed during a Basij digital conference in September 2020.

Twitter outrage over the George Floyd video game

In the George Floyd video game, players work through 30 levels, with each level increasing the difficulty as you face enemies trying to kill George Floyd. After Twitter learned of this from an Iranian Journalist Seamus Malek, outrage poured in his replies over the absurdity of this game. Malek’s original tweet isn’t available since he protected his account, but the responses are loud and clear:

And of course, memes were inevitable over the video game. However, most of them were just commentary on the absurdity that such a game even exists:

And of course, this George Floyd video game gave people the chance to criticize capitalism as well:

Other ways that corporations tried to profit from the George Floyd killing

That said, this is not the first time someone profited from the tragedy of George Floyd’s murder. Apart from the George Floyd video game, Amazon displayed a children’s T-shirt with Derek Chauvin kneeling on the neck of George Floyd.

Distasteful George Floyd Video Game Sparks Online Backlash

George Floyd’s murder triggered protests, unlike any killing through police brutality. Millions across the world in all continents came out in support of him. As a result, Chauvin was convicted for 22 and a half years in prison.

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