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Bryce Hall farted so loudly in his sleep that he woke everyone in ‘Reality House,’ reveals Tana Mongeau

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On the third season of Reality House, Bryce Hall and Tana Mongeau brought their chaotic energy. Although Mongeau quit after the first episode, there were many memorable moments with her. During the first episode, she claimed that Hall farted so loudly in his sleep that it woke up the entire house. Meanwhile, other contestants weighed in their reactions about it.

What is Reality House?

In 2019, the YouTubers, Kian Lawley and JC Caylen started their own web series, Reality House. Based on the concept of Big Brother, the web series features 10 to 12 influencers and YouTubers. While living together in the same house, the participants are supposed to take part in different challenges. In the end, the winner would take the prize money home. So far, there have been three seasons of the show. The third season is streaming on their YouTube channel at the moment. This season, Bryce Hall and Tana Mongeau also graced the show. Previously, the first season’s winner took $25000 home. Meanwhile, the winner of the second season took $50000. In the first season, Trisha Paytas was one of the contestants and they really entertained the viewers.

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Since few months, Bryce Hall and Tana Mongeau have been really friendly

From attending parties together to appearing on podcasts, Bryce Hall and Mongeau seem to be together all the time. According to them, they are both equally hated by everyone. For a few months, Bryce Hall and Tana Mongeau have kept their fans on edge with their controversial comments about each other. A few weeks ago, they posted a video titled, We have something to tell you. However, it ended up being a Q&A session where they answered interesting questions. In the past, they have admitted to hooking up. At the same time, Bryce Hall and Mongeau have sparked dating rumors many times. However, nothing is confirmed ever.

On Reality House, Mongeau claimed that Bryce Hall farted and woke up the entire house

During the first episode of Reality House, Tana Mongeau announced that Bryce Hall farted so loud that it woke up all the contestants. After that, the contestants shared their experience of this epic moment. According to one contestant, Peter, he did not wake up and slept like a baby. On the other hand, Louie claimed that it was so bad that he hid under his sheets because of the smell. Meanwhile, Bryce Hall laughed and found his farts really funny. That says a lot about his sense of humor.

While farts are not something to be proud of, it is good to see that Bryce Hall can laugh at himself and does not take such things seriously. Maybe this is why people find him relatable and want to see his content.

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