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Tana Mongeau says James Charles should be in jail

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Within a matter of few weeks, Tana Mongeau has talked about her former friend, James Charles. During her appearance on Outta Pocket podcast, she again discussed his grooming and SA scandal. At the same time, she talked about how people would ask her to end the friendship with the YouTuber. Previously, Mongeau called Charles the fakest person in LA. Earlier this year, multiple boys came forward with accusations of SA and grooming against Charles. Although he has denied the allegations of grooming, he did admit to sending nudes to many.

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From grooming allegations to blunders with celebrities, James Charles have been in hot water for a while now

Previously, Tana Mongeau’s former friend came under fire for calling Ariana Grande the rudest celebrity ever. After he faced massive backlash from her fans, he reverted his comments and apologized. Earlier this year, a 16-year-old boy came forward and accused James Charles of grooming him. According to him, he was pressured into sending nudes and exchanging sexual texts with the YouTuber. After that, another 17-year-old shared screenshot of his exchange with Charles. Despite knowing that he is underage, Tana Mongeau former friend kept sending him inappropriate texts. Since then, the makeup artist has faced major backlash from everyone around the world.

Until last year, Tana Mongeau was hanging out with Charles

Tana Mongeau Says James Charles Should Be In Jail

During the lockdown, James Charles and Tana Mongeau got together and threw a party. However, they ended up apologizing after people criticized them. In the past, she also defended him against grooming allegations. However, she has since explained that he manipulated her to defend him. While it is unclear how their friendship ended, Tana Mongeau is not a fan of Charles. Recently, she and Bryce Hall held a Q&A session. During the session, a follower asked who the fakest and two-faced person is in LA. To which, Mongeau promptly responded that its James Charles.

During an appearance at Outta Pocket podcast, Tana Mongeau again talked about James Charles

Recently, Tana Mongeau appeared on Outta Pocket podcast with hosts, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, Sammy Wilk, and Bruce Carter. During the conversation, one of the hosts referred to Mongeau’s video where she called James Charles fakest. This led to her talking about her former friend. According to her, she almost run into him at a party recently, However, he left early and they did not see each other. At the same time, Tana Mongeau said that people asked her why she called him tow-faced. To which, she said that because he likes kids. When Gilinsky asked her to tell him about the scandal. She said:

You want me to tell you why he is not in jail?

Furthermore, she said:

It is such an abuse of power which I think is such a thing. If you are using your power to f**k your young fans and manipulate people. We were friends for so long and he would hide so f**king much from me.

With this new interview, it is clear that Tana Mongeau does not like James Charles at all. Let’s see what he has to say about it.

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