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Is Becky Pregnant On The Conners? Sarah Chalke To Re-Enter

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The ever-expanding guest star list for the Conners is getting another new name. Or rather an old name. The upcoming episode of The Conners will feature the return of Sarah Chalke as Andrea. Sarah has been a significant part of the Roseanne franchise, from its original airing 20 years ago to its spin-off series. Sarah initially stepped into the shoes of Lecy Goranson when she abandoned the hit sitcom in its sixth season for college. Roseanne, in its original run, saw Becky continually switching between Chalke and Goranson. Chalke eventually becomes a permanent cast member on the show for the last season of its original airing. Lecy Goranson; however, replaced her in the Roseanne reboot.

Sarah Chalke Back To The Franchise

The reboot series introduced Chalke as a new character Andrea, a desperate wife longing for a child. Chalke featured on the show for 2 episodes, and now she is all geared up to make a comeback on its spin-off series, The Conners.

Last time on Roseanne, we saw Chalke appointing Betty (Lecy Goranson) as her surrogate. Betty; however, unfortunately, fails to conceive thus forcing Chalke out of the picture. Andrea’s presence on the show paved way for an existential realization for Becky. After Betty discovered about her infertility, the Conners for the first time, showed Betty and Darlene getting drunk to discuss their issues.

Andrea Has A Surprise For Becky (Lecy Goranson)

Sources report that the upcoming episode of The Conners will bring back Andrea. Andrea; however, would not walk in without a big surprise for Becky. The episode in question is set to air on Nov. 27 and it holds the title “One Flew Over the Conners’ Nest.” In the episode, Andrea will announce a cherishable news before the audience. Yes, you guessed it right, Andrea has a baby now, all her efforts to start a family all those years finally bore fruit. Andrea’s efforts to  Andrea’s arrival with a new baby is also teased by The Conners on Instagram.

Is Becky Pregnant On The Conners?

Speculations are rife that the entry of Sarah Chalke will prove to be of great narrative momentum for Becky. Goranson had also talked about this earlier.  This was when Lecy Goranson appeared on The Talk with her Conners co-star Sara Gilbert. There she said, “life-changing event” coming up for her character. “It’s pretty intense for Becky considering everything else that’s happened, but it really does turn over her entire life and she’s in the middle of it,” Goranson said. People believe that the next episode, scheduled to air on 20th November will see Becky announcing that she has overcome has fertility issues. Some sources also mention that Becky will announce her pregnancy next week.

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