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Is Nickelodeon Bringing Back Drake And Josh?

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It would be far an understatement to say that Nickelodeon fans have a reason to cherish. In fact, the news we are going to break to you has the potential to make you jump from your couches and lead you out of your houses in a state of extreme joy. After an extremely successful run of 3 years, the show has been dormant for 11 good years. But now, Nickelodeon is perhaps gearing up to bring back its highly acclaimed sitcom, Drake and Josh. Yes, you heard it right! Nickelodeon originally year the utterly hilarious of the two stepbrothers between 2004 and 2007. While the network still airs its reruns, there has rarely ever been any indication of the network’s plan to bring back its content mascot. A prime reason for this may be the temporary feud between its lead stars. But now, as the actors have buried the hatchet and moved on, things indeed auspicious. Nickelodeon has itself hinted towards a potential comeback of the wildly popular show. While some people believe that the hint has more to do with Victoria justice and Hulu, it is highly likely that a comeback season of Drake and Josh is in the works on the network.

Nickelodeon Tweets About Drake And Josh Comeback?

Nickelodeon recently tweeted “I think we ALL love Drake and Josh”. Retweets began to pour in the very next seconds. There was an overwhelming from the ardent fans of the show and they all came up with various reactions about the news. The initial reactions expressed surprise, where fans replied the network with phrases like ‘no you just didn’t’, or simply shared GIFs to express their astonishment; albeit all in delight. Nickelodeon; however, did not give any concrete intimation to its audience. Instead, it just backed up the retweets ironically, leaving only subtle hints about its plans. Someone even as Nickelodeon in a retweet if whether they were bringing back Drake and Josh Nickelodeon shows to answer but without revealing any significant information it replied the fan with a maybe.

Do Fans Want Drake And Josh To Return?

Later a fan also expresse anger over the tweet. The fan told Nickelodeon that rebooting shows spoil their legacy. Hence, they should drop all plans to bring back Drake and Josh. Nickelodeon responded to the fan ironically. They tweeted ‘We aren’t I am just saying I miss the show’. The irony; however, was sufficiently tangible Nickelodeon; in fact, took on a full caps sentence while replying to the specific fan. And this was because the fan had posted against the idea in full caps too.

Drake And Josh Is Now On Hulu

Some fans; however, debate over the fact that retweet was meant to make people aware of the obscure reality of Drake and Josh existing on Hulu. While Nickelodeon did endorse such tweets, there was no reason whatsoever to be so secretive about it. As Nickelodeon has in the past announced through several tweets that Drake and Josh are available on Hulu too. Moreover, when people talked about how grateful they were about the show being on Hulu without linking this specific opinion to the tweet, Nickelodeon showed greater signs of agreement.

Some Fans Think That Nickelodeon Was Mocking Victoria Justice

Some fans; however, completely depart with their take on this issue. They believe that in the tweet, Nickelodeon called out Zoey 101 star Victoria justice. There’s a meme on Victoria Justice. It is about a video where the cast members say Ariana Grande sings the most on the set of Victorious, and then Victoria says “I think we ALL sing!” Drake and Josh lead star, Drake Bell was himself unaware of the Victoria justice issue. A Twitter user then served him an explanation of the matter. Twitter users elaborate that the use of the word ‘ALL’ in the tweet by Nickelodeon is an obvious mockery of the claims made by Victoria Justice. However, there is no concrete backing of the particular speculation. When fans asked Nickelodeon if they had called out at Victoria Justice with their tweet, Nickelodeon yet again ironically denied all claims by saying that ‘No we did not’. Some fans replied by telling Nickelodeon that it was probably lying. But the network defended itself by saying ‘I tell no lies’.

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