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The ‘Where we about to eat at?’ boy Antwain Fowler dead at the age of 6

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Yesterday, the ‘Where we about to eat at’ famed boy, Antwain Fowler passed away. His mother, Chyna, announced the news on the Instagram account. According to reports, the 6-year-old was suffering from a rare disease called autoimmune enteropathy. He had been battling it since 2015. Despite the pain and suffering, the boy became a viral sensation on the internet. After his mother started to share his funny videos on social media, he gathered a lot of love and support from people.

Two years ago, Where we about to eat at boy became an overnight star.

While Antwain Fowler suffered from a painful disease, his mother decided to share his journey with the world. Therefore, she started to post his videos and TikToks on social media. One particular video became famous and went viral overnight. In just five seconds, he won everyone’s hearts. While heading over to get some food, Fowler turned to his mother and asked her “Where we about to eat at?”. After that, he slouched down in the seat and pouted. The ‘Where we about to eat at’ video became so popular that it has more than 24 million views and 187000 likes. Instantly, the video became a popular meme. At the same time, YouTube DJ, iMarkkeyz made a remix of the soundbite which had over 480000 views.

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Yesterday, Fowler’s mother announced a devastating news.

On the Instagram account of the ‘Where we about to eat at’ boy, his mother, Chyna, announced the sad news of his passing. In a post, she wrote:

The pain in my heart is like no other. Why God. Never in a million years My heart is out my chest!!!!

At the same time, Antwain Fowler’s mother expressed her grief at this massive loss and wrote:

I tried hiding you from the world early on but couldn’t you were meant to be seen. My precious babyyyyy🥺 my god I just cannot believe it this is unbelievable man I’m tryin soooooo hard so so hard but I can’t dodge the feeling… God you really did a number on me I didn’t deserve to be left empty like this A huge whole in my heart😢 the strength I had left with you baby Still haven’t grasped the fact that you actually left me Baby🥺 come back I need you

According to reports, Antwain Fowler was suffering from a rare disease.

At the tender age of one, Antwain TJ Fowler was diagnosed with autoimmune enteropathy. This disease prevented him from absorbing nutrients from his food. Throughout his short life, Antwain Fowler had to undergo 25 surgeries. In order to raise the money for expenses of his treatment, his family had set a GoFundMe which raised almost $70000. On the page, it reads:

‘The first four years of Antwain’s life was an everlasting fight, and very crucial experience for his family. Through unlimited prayers, faith, and doctors working around the clock Antwain is progressively healing; and truly grateful for all that he’s accomplished thus far.’

Despite the efforts of his family, they could not save him. The ‘Where we about to eat at’ boy has left a void in the hearts of his fans and family. We hope they can find peace and comfort in this difficult time and that Antwain Fowler rests in peace.

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