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India’s Music Giant T-Series Will Shortly Beat PewDiePie

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India’s largest record labels,T-series is heading ahead PewDiePie to become the most-subscribed channel on YouTube. Now its the matter of few weeks!

T-series was Far Beyond PewDiePie At The Beginning Of 2018

At the beginning of the year, Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie, leads the race holding more than double subscription than the emerging opponent. The Swedish video-game geek has an infinite list of subscribers on YouTube.

However, now it seems that the title of PewDiePie as the top subscribed personality for YouTube,T-series is now getting closer and closer.

Once T-series entails, a figure far far away from Pewdiepie existing fan followers. However, the game change occurred recently.
The music streamer enjoys the biggest number of YouTube viewers not only from India.In fact, around 40% of its viewership belongs to international destinations.

The Present Worth of T-Series On YouTube

India-based music company runs 29 channels with three million subscribers a month. Thus the record company is all set to become the first non-English-language channel to reach the top. One devotional music channel at T-series has 13 million subscribers, moreover, 2 million subscriber follows Telgu channel, while as anticipated, Bollywood classic entails the largest subscribers on T-series.

Bhushan Kumar, chief executive officer from the music company said in an interview.“This digital era is fantastic, it’s here to stay. It’s giving us popularity. It’s giving us recognition.”

PewDiePie Fans Are Raged in Anger and Disappointment

Unfortunately, PewDiePie’s fans do not accept this unexpected raid. To protest against this invasion, PewDiePie fans are posting critical views on T-Series’ videos. On the other hand many Pewdiepie fans are creating fresh accounts to give their idol some extra space.

One ardent fan of Pewdiepie, MrBeast, turns racist on the video service. He said

‘‘Calling all Bros! You Can Save YouTube.”

T-Series President Neeraj Kalyan, thanks such Pewdiepie fans.

In a statement he said,

“Whatever those guys are doing, it’s helped me a lot. The people in the West, or in the East as far as Japan were not even aware of us. They now know about us because of all that controversy.”

T-Series- YouTube association begins  in 2011. Later, the company invests hard cash in developing exceptional videos to advertise its movies and songs. Surprisingly, PewDiePie’s rival is earning its quarter percentile income via YouTube. The Indian based Music company, now brings all of its music on YouTube first. The 20 percent to 25 percent of sales,are nearing $100 million.

Allison Stern, chief marketing officer at Tubular Labs, (a research firm that tracks online video) said:

“T-Series used to cater to a much older generation, but it is making movie content and music videos to capture a younger generation, it mirrors what a lot of media companies are doing in the U.S.”

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