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Publicist claiming to be pregnant with Jack Harlow’s baby scammed Jeff Wittek, Denzel Dion, Rickey Thompson, & other LA Influencers

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Recently, a publicist claiming to be pregnant with Jack Harlow’s baby got famous. On Twitter, #SurvivingSophia became trending and intrigued people. According to reports, Sophia Nur is an LA-based publicist who has scammed many influencers. From Jeff Wittek to Denzel Dion, many high-profile influencers have been robbed of millions. Apparently, she made her way through many big events and met with influencers. After befriending them, she would manipulate them into giving her money.

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Recently, #SurvivingSophia started to trend on Twitter

According to reports, a woman claiming to be pregnant with Jack Harlow’s baby has been attending all the big events and dinner parties in LA. When asked who she was, Sophia Nur would refer to herself as a publicist. This would lead to her befriending influencers and social media stars. After that, she would manipulate them with her sob stories and emotional tales. This way, Jack Harlow’s baby mama would ask for money and flee. Interestingly, she has robbed the influencers of almost $11 million.


Since the hashtag went viral, many influencers have come out with their own stories about alleged mother of Jack Harlow’s baby, Sophia Nur

Publicist Claiming To Be Pregnant With Jack Harlow's Baby Scammed Jeff Wittek, Denzel Dion, Rickey Thompson, & Other LA Influencers

Initially, a Twitter user, Camille came forward with allegations against Sophia Nur. According to her, the publicist who was supposedly pregnant with Jack Harlow’s baby kept asking for money without returning back. After that, Jeff Wittek came forward with his own story about the fake publicist. He revealed that she claimed to be robbed and did not have a place to stay. Therefore, he gave her his credit card. At the same time, he claimed that she seemed obsessed with Jack Harlow and alleged that she is pregnant with his baby. After him, actor and influencer Rickey Thompson claimed that he considered her a good friend. At one point, he also gave her the keys to his house. So far, Suzy Antonyan, Denzel Dion, and many other LA influencers have detailed their stories of scams and fraud.

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After the hashtag went viral, people reacted on social media

As always, Twitter users had a lot to say about the Sophia Nur scandal. Interestingly, people started trolling the influencers for getting scammed by one person alone. Needless to say, the memes are not coming slow. Many people expressed their interest in learning from her.


Meanwhile, one person pointed out that these influencers should be talking to their lawyers.

Another Twitter user indicated that she must be living her life while social media stars cry over the lost money.


On the other hand, one person poked fun at LA people and their stupidity.


Another person wanted to know if Jack Harlow is aware of the situation.

According to one Twitter user:

she stole 11 million dollars by scamming her way into hotel rooms and lunches into LA’s popular social circle , claimed she was pregnant with Jack Harlow but lives with Jeff Wittek ? All of you got scammed by the same person and never said a word to each other ?

So far, there is no proof that Sophia Nur was actually pregnant with Jack Harlow’s baby or not. However, he has not come forward to deny the news as well. This scam seems to be getting more interesting with every passing day. Let’s hope we find out the entire truth soon.

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