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Where is the Ace Family now?

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This year, ACE Family faced a lot of backlash, financial issues, and relationship troubles. After Austin McBroom organized the Battle of Platforms, things started to go downhill for them. According to the participants, they did not get paid and there was no prize money for the winners. On the other hand, multiple women accused Austin to cheat on his wife, Catherine. For a couple of months, there have been rumors of them losing their house. However, it seems that they’re still living there.

In 2019, ACE Family announced to build a new house on a hilltop

After becoming the highest-earning YouTube family, ACE Family decided to expand their house. Along with Austin and Catherine McBroom, their three kids, Elle, Alaia, and Steel, live in LA. According to them. they combined two houses to make one large 20,000 sq ft mansion which is built on a 1.2-acre land. Initially, the ACE Family did not reveal the construction of their house. However, they posted a video of the grand tour of their house. The video amassed 22 million views.

Despite them denying it, there were news of the McBroom family getting evicted from their house

After the Battle of Platforms event failed, Austin McBroom was hit with multiple lawsuits. At the same time, Catherine McBroom was also sued for her cosmetics brand. Shortly after, the news came out that the ACE Family is getting kicked out of their $9 million house. Despite the news, Catherine and Austin McBroom denied the rumors. At the same time, they both lashed out at people for spreading false news. However, a video started to circulate which indicated that the house is getting auctioned. Interestingly, only two people bid but no one actually bought the house. Therefore, the ACE Family house went back to the beneficiary.

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Recently, ACE Family posted a latest video on their YouTube channel which indicates that they still live in the same house

In the latest video titled, Elle loses her first tooth, ACE Family seems to be happy and content. While talking about their daughter losing her first tooth, they share the experience of Tooth Fairy giving her money. At the same time, Catherine shared a story from her teenage. Throughout the video, the couple and their three children seemed relaxed. It is also noteworthy that they shot the video in the living room of their LA house. Interestingly, it is the same house that was put on auction. While it is unclear if the ACE Family still owns the house or living there during the probation period, the family is still enjoying the luxurious house.

Since the video of the auction came out, ACE Family has not talked about the house. Hopefully, they will answer the question everyone has on their minds.

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