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Belle Delphine has Disappeared From Social Media! Has She Retired Or Will She Return?

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The ever mysterious Belle Delphine has disappeared from social media, Patreon and YouTube once again. But an online platform that she’s still quite active on is of course OnlyFans. Many know her before she started OnlyFans though. Belle Delphine posted peculiar and teased sexual content but never posted anything nude.

Her entire social media career profited off from people’s curiosity about her odd content.

Belle Delphine would often post videos and pictures wearing sexual clothes, peaking interest in her from a huge audience online. Then she started posting even weirder content such as a video where she hangs out with a literal octopus. As well as showing that she got arrested for ruining someone’s car after they had stolen her hamster.

There was a lot of intrigue around her persona, no one quite knew what she was doing. Then, she pulled an insane stunt which kind of worked well for her. It was profitable for her and it managed to increase people’s interest in her. Belle Delphine started selling her bathwater….yes. In literal jars. And people bought it. It also sold out. Just for clarification, the jar claimed to have water that Belle Delphine bathed in. Each was priced at 30$ and her loyal fans bought it?! Years down the line people are going to look over the internet age of 2000’s as pretty insane!

Well, not only her loyal fans purchased the bathwater but other YouTubers also bought it and drank it on videos for content! And it racked up many views because obviously who would not want to see someone drink Belle Delphine’s bathwater. (I ask that with a hint of sarcasm….)

And there was the whole P*rnhub stunt

There’s one important thing to note about Belle Delphine here. She is going to post sexual and steamy content of herself everywhere but the actual website where it is supposed to be aka p*rnhub. You know about that, right? Where p*rn exists! Yep, we had to censor it because Google guidelines. Which is probably why Belle Delphine was banned on YouTube and Instagram multiple times for posting sexually provocative videos and pictures of herself.

But she always came back and at one point she teased that she’ll finally make a P*rnhub account and post videos there if a certain post of hers would gather 1 million likes. It was in 2019 at the height of her popularity. And the ever creative and elusive Belle Delphine ended up posting a video with an actual rooster or cock. Not that kind of cock, mind you. It was an actual chicken. And in another video, she claimed that ‘PewDiePie was inside her’. Of course, it wasn’t true but fans were still curious what she was going to do in the video. She ended up eating a picture of PewDiePie. Thereby, PewDiePie being inside of Belle Delphine. Get it? It’s kind of brilliant actually.

Here is evidence:

Belle Delphine Chicken
Belle Delphine PewDiePie Stunt

She subsequently got cancelled for this stunt. But Belle Delphine ended up posting real sexual content on her OnlyFans with multiple videos and pictures. She made a lot of money from it, telling Logan Paul on the Impaulsive Podcast she makes almost $1 million dollars a month from it!

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Belle Delphine has currently disappeared once again, let’s take a look at her social media career timeline

Well, we also have to know a little bit about her past. Belle Delphine’s real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner and she was born in South Africa to quite a religious household. She moved to the UK in her teens and there she dropped out of school when she was 14. Belle was not interested in school but rather doing cosplay online. She used to also do multiple other jobs like being a barista and waitress.

Then somewhere around 2015, Belle Delphine started posting videos on her Instagram account which were of her doing cosplay and various makeup videos. A major factor to her initial popularity was her unique cosplay get-up. She wore very bright pink wigs, long stockings that were up to her thigh, cat ears, and her voice. In 2018, Belle Delphine started posting more of her modeling pictures. At this point, she started to post a bit of a different aesthetic that attracted a huge audience. By late 2018, her numbers already started reaching to one million followers. And in 2019, her followers were around 4 million!

Then at the start of 2019, her content would often be quite bold which led to criticism naturally. In February 2019, Belle Delphine uploaded a video where she’s holding a gun and dancing to a song about suicide. Many of the online opinion was critical of this move and a significant majority reported it.

It was also at this point in time where she sold her bathwater. At the time, she shared:

“I’m lucky. I can do crazy things and get to see the world react to it, and there’s definitely enjoyment in that, even if it’s sometimes a little scary. I get a bigger reaction to my weirder content but I think that’s only possible because I also make risqué content.”

Belle Delphine knew her appeal was a balance between creative pranks and posting provocative content at a time where everyone wants to find something new on the internet.

She mastered the persona pretty well. And many were intrigued to know what she would do next.

However, there were still some who weren’t big fans of her. In July 2019, Belle Delphine’s Instagram account got banned after platform-wide reporting. Then the social media star shifted to YouTube and after posting 4 videos up till November 2019, she took a long break.

Almost a year later, Belle Delphine returned in June 2020. At this time, everyone was curious about Belle’s life. Who was she? Why was she doing so many odd things online? Did she have a boyfriend? What’s her end goal? What’s her deal?

And she answered all of those questions on multiple podcasts which gave her a lot of exposure. She appeared on the famous H3 podcast with Hila and Ethan Klein, the Impaulsive Podcast by Logan Paul and Mike Majlak.

On Impaulsive, Belle Delphine also revealed that her mother isn’t supportive of her OnlyFans career where she posts n*de content. But her boyfriend and his family are completely fine with it.

And on H3 podcast, she revealed that the strategy behind her videos was to post cute content with something odd happening in it to retain viewership. Many were amazed to find out the secrets of her life and the way she did things online. Belle Delphine also admitted that most of her weird pranks online were fake, such as getting arrested for vandalism.

But it led to one major thing, the mystery of her persona was no more because she revealed everything online. A YouTuber by the name of SunnyV2 made an insightful video about ‘Why Belle Delphine’s Career Died’. And he explained that after people got to know more about her, people lost interest in her. He cited the facts saying that between December 2020 to March 2021 (the time after she had done her podcasts), people started to google her less and less. Her YouTube subscriber numbers were going down as well and her Patreon Supporters left by almost 90%. SunnyV2 added that Belle might not get a big interest in her content after this because her mystique was the big thing that set her apart from others.

After the podcasts, Belle Delphine again took a break from YouTube and social media. There is no Instagram account of her anywhere. As for her Twitter, her latest post as on February 21st 2021.


Belle Delphine was last seen on OnlyFans on November 17th 2021. So, that’s the only platform she seems to be active on.

So, the question is that has Belle Delphine retired from her social media career? Or will she return again and do even bigger and bolder things to retain her audience or as she likes to call them ‘simp army of Belle Delphine’. She has not hinted at anything yet, but she seems to be comfortable sticking to just OnlyFans. And with 1 million dollars a month, anyone would be.

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