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How Tana Mongeau & Bella Thorne Became Friends Again!

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Just like Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s romance story, it all started with a DM!

Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne were beefing with each other until recently. After a messy social media feud post-break-up, it seemed like Tana and Bella were mortal enemies. But it turns out that they found it much easier to reconcile and be friends again. They confused everyone when they posted on social media, hanging out together and being really happy. But here’s what happened!

A trip down memory lane, we’ll be very quick! Promise!

Before we come to current day. Let’s see their history. Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne broke up in 2019 after dating for almost two years. At that time, Tana was sharing Bella with musician Mod Sun. However, after Bella broke up with them both (Tana first, Mod later), Tana ended up dating Mod Sun too. That initially led to their beef because Bella Thorne accused Tana Mongeau of breaking the girl code. But Tana and Mod Sun also broke up around June 2020 because Tana wanted to make an OnlyF*ns account, and he was not comfortable with it. Back to Bella and Tana now.

The two had a back-and-forth on Twitter feud where Bella accused Tana of using her for clout and fame. And ultimately singing about that in a diss track ‘Stupid F*cking B*tch or SFB’ aimed at Tana. Tana also reacted to it very brutally. There was also Tana Mongeau using Harry Jowsey to get back at Bella Thorne and Francesca Farago by making an OnlyF*ns with him.

If you don’t know, Harry and Francesa starred in a Netflix reality series ‘Too Hot To Handle’ and started dating after the show ended. They broke up and both got close to Tana at different points in time and it all got very messy. Currently though, Tana is close friends with Harry Jowsey and Bella Thorne. She probably might be friends with Francesca too now but they haven’t been seen out together.

Okay, now back to current day!

Tana reveals how she and Bella Thorne became friends again

Tana Mongeau explained how she reconciled with Bella Thorne to Brooke Schofield, her Canceled podcast co-host:

“I don’t know how to make sense of this because it doesn’t make sense. If you asked me two weeks ago if her and I were going to hate each other for the rest of our lives. I would have said like ‘Probably yeah’. But that also wasn’t on me. Like I had hatred there but it was kind of like a you hate me so I hate you.”

Tana Mongeau brought on how Mod Sun affected their relationship as well:

“We both did a lot of [sh*t]. I mean you know she had the whole throuple moment with Mod Sun. I was resentful because we weren’t in a throuple. So, then I went on to date him. She was like [ f**k] you for dating him then she made a song called stupid [f*cking b*tch]. And I was like wow you really f**king suck. I’m gonna react to it. I just kept like going and going and going and going and whatever. But I think both of us are the type of people to really mask like hurt with anger. “

Coming to how Tana and Bella first interacted with each other after their beef.

Tana Mongeau posted a picture of a Polaroid of her on her Instagram Stories and Bella replied to Tana’s story. At this moment, Tana and Bella didn’t follow each other on Instagram. Bella messaged her saying:

“Oh my God. I still have so many [polaroids] of you.”

The Canceled Podcast then explained that Bella used to take a lot of Polaroid pictures of her when they were dating.

Tana then shared that she felt so emotionally distraught at seeing Bella’s name on her phone and although it was weird at first, she just started to chat with Bella.

“It was just weird like we both just started kind of talking and messaging back and forth. It was like just funny. I don’t want to like air out all the entire messages but it was just like funny. I was like sending her like videos. You know like a little banter yeah.”

Then Tana explained that their message interaction being around Halloween sped things because it was a favorite holiday for both of them. They live very far away from each other but got really excited about Halloween and decided to meet up.

“And it was just how was the first like interact. The initial like ‘Hey!’. I kid you not it was like as if nothing ever happened. Which threw me off so much like we both are just like ‘Hi’. We like hug. She looks so f*cking hot – Honestly, we both just kept talking and crying and being cute and like loving each other.”

Tana then laughingly explains that she had brought her friend Joey Joy and he had to interact with other people because throughout the entire time Tana and Bella were sitting in a corner, emotionally catching up. Then from that point onward, they both became close friends again and started chatting regularly.

Brooke Schofield asked her if anything romantic or sexual was going on between them. To which, Tana Mongeau strongly said no. Nothing romantic or sexual was going on between them. In fact, Bella Thorne was engaged to Italian musician Benjamin Mascolo who was very happy about their reconciliation. Tana shared:

“Her fiancé Ben is also one of my favorite people. And I miss him so much. He’s just like the sweetest Italian man. He’s like, ‘I am so happy you girls are rekindling. I love to see the love. It is so good that you guys are not fighting anymore’. Like he’s just like he’s so nice.”

Brooke and Tana also reminisced on Tana’s past relationship with Bella Thorne and how it might have worked out if they both weren’t so young.

They started dating in 2017, when Tana and Bella both in their late teens. It was also a very public relationship since Bella Thorne is a famous Hollywood actress. It was also Tana’s first official relationship with a female. So, all of the factors contributed to the end of their relationship. But the YouTuber added that Bella was an important part of her life:

“She was such a big part of my life. I probably would never would have moved to L.A. if it wasn’t for her. She convinced me to move to L.A. She was such a big part of my life and like seeing her definitely like reminded me of that.”

Brooke and Tana also remarked on how “draining” and “exhausting” it is to actively hate someone and have beef with someone. Tana Mongeau also added that she might be squashing her other beefs too, depending on who the person is!

We’re just glad Tana and Bella are back to being close friends again because they do bring out the best in each other.

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