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Tana Mongeau clogs her $200,000 toilet

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As we all know that Tana Mongeau is a tornado in a human body. Whatever she does or says becomes a headline. At the same time, her entire life seems like a series of adventures and quests that she must experience one after another. Recently, she appeared on a podcast where they revealed an interesting incident. According to the podcast host, Mongeau clogged a toilet on a yacht. While it is unclear how she did it, it cost them almost $200,000 to get it fixed.

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Few weeks ago, Tana Mongeau was called out by Kylie Jenner’s friends for a peculiar reason

At an event, Mongeau got attention for an interesting reason. Once the pictures of the event came out, people noticed that the Cancelled podcast host had Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Stormi’s photo as her phone wallpaper. In the picture, Stormi is surrounded by bath bubbles and is smiling. When Kylie Jenner’s friends noticed the wallpaper, they commented on it and called Tana Mongeau weird. According to the YouTuber:

“It’s a funny viral meme. My friends and i all did it. people take things too seriously- proof i can just exist and get cancelled.”

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Recently, she and Bryce Hall held a Q&A session and answered some interesting questions

In recent few months, Bryce Hall and Tana Mongeau have become really close friends. While many speculated that they might be dating, it seems that their relationship is complicated. Although they are extremely flirty, Tana Mongeau and Bryce Hall maintain that it’s only for fun. During the Q&A session, they talked about LA, life as an influencer and revealed some hidden things. According to them, most people like to stay in LA for money and clout. At the same time, Tana Mongeau and Hall revealed that influencers hide their real faces, drugs, and the fact that everyone wants to sleep with the duo. At one point, Bryce Hall claimed that everyone hates him and Mongeau but also wants to sleep with them. To which, she agreed.

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In a recent podcast interview, an interesting incident about Tana Mongeau was revealed

During the interview, the podcast host reminded her about an incident at the yacht party. Despite him giving the clues, Tana Mongeau could not remember. After that, the host revealed that she must have blacked out after drinking. At the same time, he mentioned that she clogged the toilet on the boat. While he was not sure how she did it, he guessed Tana Mongeau stuffed too much toilet paper in it. When she asked if they could get it fixed, the hosts revealed that it took them $200,000 to get the toilet fixed. Naturally, Tana Mongeau was shocked.

It seems that Tana Mongeau is living her life to the fullest at the moment. So much so that she is not worried about the consequences of her reckless behavior at all.

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