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Tana Mongeau calls James Charles the fakest person she has ever met

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Recently, Tana Mongeau called James Charles the fakest person she has ever met. Along with her close friend, Bryce Hall, she held a Q&A session to answer some interesting questions. During the session, she called the makeup guru the fakest person ever. At the same time, the Cancelled host regretted ever being his friend. For those who don’t know, the two YouTubers have been feuding for years. Although there is silence on all fronts right now, Mongeau does not hold back from throwing shade at her former friend.

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After the disastrous TanaCon, James Charles threw Tana Mongeau under the bus

Tana Mongeau Calls James Charles The Fakest Person She Has Ever Met

In 2018, Tana Mongeau tried to host her own convention for her fans. However, it turned into a huge mess due to mismanagement and lack of resources. While her fans called her out for wasting their time and money, James Charles also said a lot about it. In a tweet, he addressed the event and Tana Mongeau and said:

“I told her NOT to do half of the exact things she did yesterday and she didn’t listen, as usual. And things went to s–t. I’ve tried to make our friendship work for months but she has no respect for other people’s time and I can’t believe you guys CAN’T F–KING RECOGNIZE THAT. I do believe Tana had good intentions for this convention but her ego got in the way of kid’s safety.”

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On the other hand, Mongeau called him out for manipulating her to support him against grooming allegations

In 2019, many people came forward with allegations of grooming of underage boys and SA against James Charles. This led to many brands cutting ties with the makeup artist. However, Tana Mongeau stood up for him. When Gage Gomez accused Charles of SA, Tana Mongeau defended her friend. Earlier this year, her tweet resurfaced and she made sure to clear her stance about that incident. In a tweet, she responded:

100% manipulated and begged to tweet that. I was defending someone that was my friend at the time and believed them. sad to see. I later reconciled with Gage and discussed it, apologized, heard his side of the story, and now I call him one of my closest friends. things change

In a recent video, Tana Mongeau has again talked about her former friend

During a Q&A session with Bryce Hall, Tana Mongeau answered some interesting questions. When asked if they regret being friends with anyone, Tana Mongeau instantly said James Charles. Similarly, her answer to the most shocking two-faced influencer was also Charles. On the other hand, Bryce Hall thinks Jake and Logan Paul are the fakest ones. During the session, they also answered questions about living in LA and what encourages them to stay. To this, the friends gave money and clout to be the motivators to stay. One person wanted to know that one thing influencers hide in LA. To which, Tana Mongeau and Bryce Hall together said drugs.

It seems that Tana Mongeau has still not forgiven her former friend but has moved on to better friends. Good for her.

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