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Michelle Obama Impersonates Barrack Obama on Ellen

Michelle Obama does an impression of husband Barrack Obama at the Hot Seat segment on The Ellen Show

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Michelle Obama is a kind of a regular on The Ellen Show. Some of the most memorable moments on the show are with Michelle Obama. She has danced, done workouts and so much more. Upon the completion of Obama presidency, she has been out of the public eye. For the most part. She is back in the circuit with a new book titled “Becoming”. It is a book in which she has written about her life experiences, ranging from her time in the White House as Barrack Obama’s wife and her first kiss. She also came out to The Ellen Show to promote the book and we even see Michelle impersonate Obama.

Michelle Obama Does as Impression of Barrack Obama

The best part of the interview came during the “Hot Seat” segment. Michelle Obama talked about how she does impressions of Barrack Obama to amuse her daughters. Ellen persuaded to give a demonstration. Especially for the audience. Michelle Obama, the former First Lady, brought out the big guns then. She presented her best impression of her husband, Barack Obama, the former President of the United States.

She lowered her voice. Became very careful to insert Obama’s idiosyncratic pauses and said;

“Well, let me tell you, I have three points. One, and then there’s two, and finally, three.”

Applause happened and Michelle directed the request back at Ellen. Ellen wriggled out of it thought with one simple statement.

“I don’t really do impressions.”

Michelle said that she had perfected the impression over the years she had been married to him.

The First Kiss Story

The Barrack Obama impression was not the only thing to come out of the interview. Ellen complained that Michelle had only mentioned Ellen once in the book. As a revenge of sorts, Ellen brought up Michelle’s first kiss story. Michelle played along and corrected her pronunciation of “Ronnelle”. She refused to give out his last name though.

Malia Obama’s Prom

They also talked about Malia Obama’s prom date. She revealed that Malia insisted on riding in her date’s car. They talked to all the security and tried to minimize the security as much as possible. She also threw caution in the wind for her daughter’s beau. However, they did not leave without armed escort. Barrack Obama admitted it was worth running for president the second time. To see armed men following your daughter to prom.

Gay Marriage Legalization Night

Michelle also talked about the night when gay marriage was legalized. She said that they did not realize that people were gathering outside the White House. She and Malia decided to go out to join them and celebrate. They finally accomplished it after surpassing the White House security.

President Inauguration Attendance

One of the other awesome admission in the interview was about the attendance on President inauguration ceremony. Ellen said that she had the best seats in all the Presidential inauguration. The host then asked if Trump’s inauguration was bigger. Michelle simply replied that she would know the difference and remain tight lipped otherwise.

The interview concluded with Ellen showing a montage of how Michelle Obama had made a difference in the world.

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