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Tana Mongeau Moves Onto Bryce Hall After Kissing Jeff Wittek!?

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Well!! I am having a hard time counting Tana Mongeau’s recent social media flirtatious flings. And it’s making me want to sing Eenie Meenie Miney Mo Lova by Justin Bieber.

She’s indecisive, she can’t decide
She keeps on lookin’
From left to right”

(Eenie Meenie by Justin Bieber)

Clearly, Tana is having a hard time deciding if she should go back to dating Chris Miles or not. Because in her latest episode of Cancelled podcast, half of the time she was only talking about her ex-boyfriend. She also mentioned that she is not going to indulge in any sort of se-ual activities. But then she made a blunder by telling everybody in the podcast that she f-cked a guy in the bathroom right after breaking up with Chris because she wanted to get him out of her system. Like girl, please pull yourself together and stop giving us a heart stroke every other day. Like one day you are flirting with Harry Jowsey and shooting some explicit content with him. And the next day you’re jumping on Joey Joy like a monkey who jumps onto banana trees.

And now you’re back to flirting with the controversial Bryce Hall. Like what happened to Jeff Wittek? We were shipping you guys together because Jeff seems like a guy who might have a solution to all of your problems. By solution, I mean *wink-wink*.

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Tana Mongeau flirts with Bryce Hall and says they might be doing an OnlyF-ns Collaboration

Recently, Tana posted a bunch of stories on her Instagram with Bryce Hall. And they confused a lot of her fans. Because a couple of days ago Tana shared with her fans how Jeff Wittek kissed her multiple times at a recent party which they attended together. And now there is no sign of Jeff and Tana is seen flirting with Bryce. Anyways, let’s jump back to Tana and Bryce and see what they were talking about in their Instagram story.

“Tana: We just took n-des for OnlyF-ns and made the entire internet mad. We are always sneaking into the bathroom together.
Bryce: Cuz we are ba-ging, take your clothes off.”

Now we really don’t know if these two are actually doing an OnlyF-ns collaboration. But I guess we will have to wait till tomorrow to figure out the mystery behind the OnlyF-ns photoshoot thing. As Bryce will be posting a new Vlog tomorrow in which we will be seeing a lot of Tana content. Then there are a bunch of TikToks in which these two have been seen flirting with each other.


Umm, I don’t think I have to further say anything because this picture right here said it all.

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