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Addison Rae Goes Make-up Free on TikTok!

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Although Addison Rae is beautiful as is, most of her pictures have her wearing makeup with proper hairdos. However, she posted TikToks where she went makeup-free. The videos were posted to promote her recently released Netflix film, ‘He’s All That’. Although the film had mixed reviews, her transition videos are making a lot of noise. While some fans loved her new makeup-free look, there were some people who criticized her.

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This year, Addison Rae made her Hollywood debut which got a lot of attention.

Earlier this year, Netflix remade the 90s classic, She’s All That. While the storyline is similar, He’s All That had reverse roles of main characters. With this film, Addison Rae made her Hollywood debut. As TikToker, she gained popularity in a short time and is the third most followed on the app. At the same time, she is the first ever TikToker to have her own film with Netflix. While the film had mixed reviews, it has brought more opportunities for Rae. In the film, the TikToker plays Padgett Sawyer alongside Tanner Buchanan who plays Cameron Kweller.

Recently, Addison Rae debuted her makeup-free look on TikTok.

Few days back, Addison Rae posted a couple of TikToks. While one was to promote ‘He’s All That’, the other was a transition video. In the first, she is makeup-free and lip syncs to a clip from her movie where Kweller tells her that it must be hard to look terrible when she is so naturally beautiful. After that, the video cuts to Rae in glamorous makeup and sings along to the song, Kiss Me. In the caption, Rae wrote:

“Who doesn’t love a good makeover story?!”

On the other hand, the second video features Addison Rae getting her hair done but is without makeup. In the video, she sings Jeremih’s song, Don’t Tell ‘Em. Shortly after, the video cuts to her in a full made-up face.

After the videos went viral, her fans reacted and so did her haters.

While Addison Rae fans appreciated her for bearing her natural skin, many haters came to troll her. According to them, she looked old. Meanwhile, her fans came to her defense. One TikTok user said:

“I would never say she’s in her 20s, I swear she looks like 27/30 years.”

Meanwhile, others also criticized her looking older than her real age. On the other hand, one Addison Rae stan said:

“Lmao social media really made y’all forget what REAL skin looks like. Ain’t no way y’all calling this looking old.”

On the other hand, another user said:

“I love how she represents that textured skin is normal.”

Another person said:

“Y’all want celebs to show their natural self but when they do y’all just judge.”

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