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Gal Gadot gives an update on Wonder Woman 3!

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In this day and age of Hollywood, sequels are almost a given for any franchise. That is true, especially for superhero films and franchises. A movie barely makes it to the theatres, and fans and journalists alike start enquiring showrunners about any potential sequels. With two movies already in the franchise, fans were bound to ask Warner Bros. Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins, and everyone associated with the project about Wonder Woman 3. And now, the Wonder Woman actress has given a response, albeit cautiously.

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Currently the script of Wonder Woman 3 is underway, says Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot Gives An Update On Wonder Woman 3!

While talking to Variety, the news outlet asked Gadot a series of questions about her upcoming projects. these included Disney’s Snow White remake, Netflix’s Red Notice, and a few others. Of course, Gadot is also the face of the Wonder Woman franchise, which gave DC and Warner Bros. life during difficult times. The 2017 Wonder Woman movie breathed new life into the DCEU. However, the sequel from last year, Wonder Woman 1984, was underwhelming, to say the least. Despite that, it looks like Wonder Woman 3 will still be happening, as Gal Gadot cautiously updated her fans by saying:

I can’t tell you yet, but we’re working on the script.

Variety did try to ask her more, but she did not reveal much, not even clarifying if she’d go to work on Wonder Woman 3 first or on Snow White. However, Warner Bros. and Patty Jenkins will have to change a few things to make WW3 a success.

Wonder Woman 1984 was a disappointment

In our review of Wonder Woman 1984, we gave it a measly 5/10 as the movie just seemed like a hot and incomplete mess. However, many around the world also got to see WW84 in their homes instead of cinemas, as WB released the movie on HBO Max alongside its theatrical release. And that has a huge impact on how people perceived the movie. On this, creator Patty Jenkins said:

It was the best choice in a bunch of bad choices at the moment. It was detrimental to the movie. I don’t think it plays the same on streaming, ever. I’m not a fan of day-and-date and I hope to avoid it forever. I make movies for the big-screen experience.

With Wonder Woman 3 being released exclusively in theatres, maybe Jenkins and Gadot can convey their ideas to the audience in a better way.

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