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Bella Thorne & Tana Mongeau Back To Being Friends After Dramatic Feud?

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Tana Mongeau is famous for having messy relationships and even messier break-ups. One of these is undoubtedly the Hollywood actress Bella Thorne. They actually parted on good terms but right after the break-up, things started to get quite chaotic and toxic. So much so that Thorne made a diss track on Mongeau, and yes of course there was a reaction video from Mongeau’s side. And a whole lot of other stuff happened that we will get to in a while. What’s interesting is that despite the drama, they are now back to being friends. Well, that’s what it looks like at least.

Here’s what happened between Tana and Bella

In late 2017, Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau made their relationship public. Things were going really great for them for a while, and they were even happy with a polyamorous relationship with Mod Sun. Well, technically Tana and Mod were sharing Bella Thorne. In 2019, Tana and Bella ended up breaking up and remained on friendly terms. A few months later, Bella ended up breaking with her boyfriend Mod Sun as well.

Though, there was some confusion as Bella Thorne used to subtly shade Tana Mongeau when she got engaged to Jake Paul.

One minute she was supporting Tana, but the other she was shading her.

Alas, then Bella Thorne made things clear on where she stood with Tana when she accused of her of breaking the girl code. Fans didn’t know what that meant at that time, but it was later found out that Tana Mongeau started to date Bella’s ex-boyfriend Mod Sun.

tana bella feud

Moreover, Bella Thorne also made the claim that Tana Mongeau only dated Bella to get followers on Twitter, saying:

U legit started dating me for twitter.. how about u answer ur phone and talk to me instead of being on Twitter.

In response, Tana shared:

dude what are you doing bella? like i have no idea why you’re mad, i’ve been texting you every minute since you tweeted, and for you to be tweeting me something as hurtful as saying I dated you for Twitter is literally f*cking nuts & if you honestly think that damn i lost you.

Then in late 2020, there was the whole Bella Thorne OnlyF*ns controversy. Thorne made a false statement that she’s the first celebrity to join the content platform OnlyF*ns. Other notable celebrities including Tana Mongeau had already joined it. The OF platform was most popular for s*x workers to make a living remotely when the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Moreover, when Thorne scammed her subscribers on OF, it led to the platform reworking its policies, which affected a huge portion of the s*x workers and adult content creators. She tried to correct her mistakes, but still received backlash.

Then Bella Thorne made a diss track called ‘SFB’ which was about Tana Mongeau. Because of course it was. The SFB stood for ‘Stupid f*cking B*tch’. And the lyrics were something like this:

You’re a stupid f*cking b*tch, but you already know this
And you let me see your t*ts, but I’m still not over it
You wanted me for clout, and I should’ve thrown you out

Then there was also the whole Francesca Farago fiasco

Yep, it’s very complicated but stick with us for now.

Francesca Farago is the reality star that appeared on Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle’ and dated co-star Harry Jowsey after the show ended. Harry and Francesca parted ways however, and they had a dramatic break-up as well. Both of them got close to Tana Mongeau at different times. Francesca and Tana got too cozy with each other and even at one point pretended to be each other’s girlfriends. There was definitely something romantic going on between the two.

But then Francesca Farago started to hang out with Bella Thorne. And at this point, Bella and Tana were in the middle of a feud. Francesca and Bella made a TikTok video together and lip-synced to the song:

I got two girlfriends and they best friends

Of course Tana Mongeau couldn’t just sit back and take it. She made a TikTok video with Francesca’s ex-boyfriend, Harry Jowsey.

Underneath the TikTok, Tana replied to a comment:

But Francesca denied the rumors saying that it was all false:

Fransesca Farago denties dating Bella Thorne
Instagram / TikTok Room

And later on Tana Mongeau clarified that she actually did want a serious relationship with Francesca Farago, but things didn’t work out like she wanted. Francesca didn’t like Jake Paul, and at this time, Tana was very close friends with Jake Paul.

In fact, Tana even made an OnlyF*ns collaboration with Harry Jowsey to presumbaly get back at both Francesca and Bella Thorne.

Plus, Tana Mongeau was so angry that she was even willing to box Bella Thorne in the ring. Just like many other influencers and YouTubers were doing such as Jake Paul, Tayler Holder and Logan Paul.

But now they are on friendly terms again?!

Yep! It’s a lot! But bear with us. So, basically Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne have had quite a messy time after their mutual break-up.

But it seems like the two are now back to being friendly with each other.

This Halloween, Tana Mongeau dressed up as the iconic Pamela Anderson. Bella Thorne had commented underneath the post, praising her for the look.

And Tana Mongeau loved to see it. Not only that but the two were seen hanging out with each other at an event as well. They both appeared to be great friends.

We’re not sure what’s happening but it would be good if two women went to being supportive of each other after such a messy time.

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