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Paul McCartney reveals first song he ever wrote had much deeper meaning, related to his mother

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When you have a career that spans more than 6 decades, it’s understandable for you to not be aware of hidden and deeper meanings behind your songs. and that is exactly what happened to Sir Paul McCartney. The famous Beatles member recently revealed that he the first song that he ever wrote had a much deeper meaning. And it probably had to do with his mother.

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The song I Lost My Little Girl, first one he ever wrote, was about his deceased mother

Paul McCartney Reveals First Song He Ever Wrote Had Much Deeper Meaning, Related To His Mother

On his official website, Sir Paul was asked about his new book, The Lyrics. Specifically, a fan comment asked him if writing that book brought back some “lyrics or memories”. And it turns out that not only did it bring back memories for him, but it turned into a “therapy session”. The song he’s talking about is the first ever that he wrote, named “I Lost My Little Girl”. He revealed that upon revisiting it, he realized that it may have to do with his mother. Sir Paul’s mother, Mary McCartney, died in 1956 at the age of 47 due to an embolism she suffered after undergoing surgery for breast cancer. The Beatles member said:

I thought I was happily writing a little pop song when I was 14, but if you look at the timing of it I had just lost my mother. When you think about that, the song seems to have a much deeper meaning that I hadn’t noticed before: the possibility of it being subliminally written about her.

Even though he wrote this song back in 1954, it didn’t feature any of the albums by The Beatles. The 79-year-old then started to perform that song on radio, TV, and concerts after the band broke up. He then officially released the song on his 1991 live album, Unplugged (The Official Bootleg). While revisiting this song, Paul McCartney further realized that it wasn’t the traume that prevented him from coming to that realization – he was just unaware and aloof, writing:

The whole process of analyzing the songs took me to stuff that I hadn’t thought of recently, not because I didn’t want to, but because there was never a clue, never a prompt, never a trigger to think about those things.

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Writing The Lyrics brought forth a lot of memories for Paul McCartney

Sir Paul then further reveals that while writing this book, he revisited a lot of memories. He found out the reasons why he wrote several songs and the memories that they evoked, as he wrote:

That was the interesting thing about making this book. I had to go back in my memory to see how I’d written that song, why I’d written it, and any interesting side stories. It became about more than just the songs: it became the memories that the songs evoked.

That said, this was not the only song that Sir Paul McCartney wrote that was inspired by his mother. The song Let It Be, was famously conceived by Sir Paul in his dream. During that time, he was going through a lot of distress because of drugs and the politics within the Beatles. Then, one day his mother came into his dreams and told him to relax, breathe, and “let it be”. And so, the title of one of the most famous songs in history was born. In his new book “The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present,” Sir Paul reflects on around 154 songs he wrote in his career.

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