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Keemstar says he’s dating 2 twenty-year-olds at the same time

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After announcing his retirement last week, Keemstar is making headlines once again. During a live stream with former YouTuber, LeafyIsHere, he made some claimed about his relationship. According to Drama Alert host, he is dating two 20-year-olds. At the same time, he explained why he is retiring from the entertainment commentary channel. In the past, he has also received backlash for dating girls fresh out of college. A few months ago, Ethan Klein also called him out for ‘dating a child’. However, he seems unfazed.

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In the past, Ethan Klein poked fun at Keemstar for dating a 20 year old

A few months back, Klein and his wife, Hila made fun of Keemstar and his very young girlfriend. According to the couple, he was practically dating a child. After him, Trisha Paytas also tweeted about the Drama Alert host’s relationship. They shamed him for dating such a young girl. Despite the backlash, Keemstar stayed adamant that he has not done anything wrong. According to him, he met his girlfriend, a waitress at a fan meetup. While talking about it, he said:

“Nothing was awkward about the situation whatsoever, everything’s been totally fine and I don’t feel like a f—— creep. I know other people are going to judge, I don’t care what you f—– think.”

Furthermore, he labeled Klein and Paytas as his enemies. He seemed unbothered and said that he have been fighting them for years.

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After the backlash, he reported Klein’s channel and YouTube removed a video

Although Keemstar appeared to be unfazed, he did seem to take offense. In a video, he talked about YouTube favoring Ethan Klein and ignoring his bullying. At the same time, he said that Klein harasses other creators and gets special treatment. Similarly, Keemstar tagged YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki. After that, YouTube deleted two videos from the H3 Productions channel. According to Klein, Drama Alert host used his contacts to get other people’s channels reported. At one point, Klein’s channel was suspended for a week after Keemstar reported it.

Recently, Keemstar claimed to be dating two 20 year olds, together

During a live stream with the former YouTube, LeafyIsHere, Keemstar shared an update about his relationship. Although he appeared on the live stream to talk about his retirement decision, it led to other things. While talking about why Keemstar decided to quit, he said:

“Today I get out of bed with two 20-year-olds. I go to my other house to record for Drama Alert. I’m looking through the news, there’s nothing too exciting. I worked all day and had nothing to show for it, I could have been lying in bed with my two girlfriends.”

Whether it is the truth or he is just bragging, Keemstar knows how to stay in the news. Needless to say, he will not be going away any time soon.

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