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Tana Mongeau Exposes Chris Miles Cheating Details After Saying She Wouldn’t!

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Uhh well!! Tana Mongeau once again did something which is totally predictable.

She recently posted a new podcast episode on her YouTube channel ‘Cancelled with Tana Mongeau‘. In which she explained that she took a week off from the podcast. But then Brooke Schofield, who also happens to be Tana’s podcast co-host/best friend mentions that Tana didn’t like the podcast which they filmed while they were in Miami. So they had to record another podcast episode. In response to this, Tana spills the reason why she didn’t want to post the previously recorded podcast.

“It kind of coincides with why I wanted to take time off. Even if I liked that one (already recorded podcast episode), I felt like it would be too short once we took out all the shit which we couldn’t say. We went to Miami and we shot on a yacht. which was so annoying because all we did was talk about my f-cking toxic relationship.”

The Cancelled podcast host further shared that she also took a week off because she wanted to get in her right headspace after breaking up with rapper Chris Miles.

Tana Mongeau and Chris Miles’ post-breakup meetup details

Brooke asks Tana to explain how she is feeling after breaking up with Chris. And how is she coping up with the whole thing?

“It’s really strange. I mean we haven’t seen each other since we broke up. And then I finally saw him last night for the first time. But I knew that it was so far gone past the point that if he walks through a door now, I would be like (he is) disowned by my friends.”

Tana further mentioned that she is having them post-breakup awful feelings. And she is not going to give any details about how and why she broke up with Chris.

“As much as I would like to air out the details of our breakup and continue my toxic cycle of posting absolutely everything I f-cking do online. I do think, for real this time, it was actually hurtful and shitty for both of us. I don’t want to really air it out.”

We are extremely sorry that you are feeling this way, Tana.

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Tana Mongeau gives shocking details of her breakup with Chris Miles

Alright, so like a couple of seconds ago, Tana said that she is not going to air out any details regarding her relationship with Chris. But now she is giving some really detailed details about the whole thing and how Chris cheated on her.

“I will say that I am a f-cking loyal, sexy icon. And I may and may not have caught this man doing something which he shouldn’t have been doing. His d-ck wasn’t in anything but it was just nasty and I was really f-cking pissed. And then I got really f-cking spiteful.”

Then Tana says something which is making me and a million of her fans really curious.

“We were at a party basically and I found out something he did from the person he did it with. Again, he didn’t cheat, but it was not a good action. And also that person, he used to f-ck her before we started dating.”

Tana further mentioned that the girl Chris cheated her with, is also her really good friend. And that girl is known for her wildness in L.A. Oh well!! Guess we will find out further details on this girl in Tana’s upcoming podcast episodes. Because we really can’t figure it out on our own as Tana has so many friends. Let us know in the comments down below if you think Tana did the right thing by airing out her breakup details with Chris Miles.

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