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Tana Mongeau gets flirty with Bryce Hall, Joey Joy, Harry Jowsey. Who is her next target?

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Well!! We have seen many flirty berries, but the award for best flirty berry in the whole wide world goes to Tana Mongeau (only). Because she truly deserves it. But me and millions of other fans are having a hard time processing Tana Mongeau’s friendship/dating life. One day she confesses her love for this rapper guy named Chris Miles. And after a couple of days, she gets cold feet and backs out of the relationship by calling Chris a cheater. On the other hand, Chris thinks Tana cheats on him whenever she goes out with her friends. And he further shared in one of his Instagram stories that he and Tana are too toxic for each other. While Tana’s friends think that Chris doesn’t have any money.

Now we all know that Tana has been flirting with Bryce Hall and Harry Jowsey for more than a couple of months. And it’s not like her fans don’t like her being friends with either of them. But they get really confused when she makes out with every other person. Recently, the Cancelled podcast host was seen flirting with The Too Hot To Handle’s season 2 contestant Joey Joy. Tana also posted the 2nd series of clout photo dump on her profile. And she also mentioned in the caption that she is seeing most of the people from this clout photo dump. Yikes!! This is not at all surprising.

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Tana Mongeau and Harry Jowsey

Yes!! We all know that these two got really close after Harry got dumped by Julia Rose. And at the same time, Tana was dumped by Harry’s ex-girlfriend Francesca Farago. Sounds really complicated, right? So long story short, Harry and Francesca had a very sizzling on-screen chemistry in Too Hot To Handle. But things didn’t work out as planned. And these two ended their relationship before the show ended. But after a couple of months, they planned to reconcile. But had a very bad breakup and a lawsuit from Harry’s side.

And then Harry moved on to Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend Julia Rose. And Tana was seen holding hands with Harry’s ex-girlfriend Francesca. Which sparked a lot of dating rumors on the internet. I won’t get into further details because it’s going to be really confusing for us to understand the whole situation. But Tana and Harry started posting TikToks together when Harry’s then-girlfriend Julia and Tana’s girlfriend at that time (Francesca) started dating each other’s exes. Julia went back to dating Jake Paul who also happens to be Tana’s fake ex-husband. And Francesca started to date Tana’s ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne.


And since then, we have been seeing Tana and Harry doing all sorts of crazy stuff together and throwing shade on their exes through TikTok videos. I have also attached a picture from Tana’s clout photo dump for you guys. As you call can see, Tana mentioned that she is seeing most of the people from this clout dump. So there is a possibility that she is also seeing Harry Jowsey. These two also did an OnlyF-ns collaboration.

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Tana Mongeau and Bryce Hall

Oh well!! I don’t think I have to say much about these two. One moment Tana is shipping Bryce Hall with Josie Canseco. And the next moment, she is seen giving a meet and greet to Bryce’s tongue with her own. Like girl!! We know that you don’t do normal, but at least leave Bryce for Josie because fans love them a lot.

At one point, when Mike Majlak was spotted cheating on Lana. Bryce was seen trying to get touchy with Lana while she was out and about with her friends. Later, Lana ended up at Bryce’s place with a friend. But they didn’t participate in any sort of dirty business. And Tana loves Lana way too much. She also didn’t put weird ideas in Bryce’s mind like she used to do with Harry.

Tana Mongeau and Joey Joy

And here comes Tana’s recent act of being extra flirty with the Too Hot To Handle’s Season 2 contestant Joey Joy. At this point, me and billions of other people have really started to think that Tana has a thing for the Too Hot To Handle boys.

I mean are these boys really too hot to handle? Or do they just go after Tana for the sake of clout?? Guess, we will have to wait for a couple of years to find out if Tana is ever going to grow out of this flirty stage.

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