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Austin McBroom & Jason Derulo exposed for sliding into Instagram models’ DMs

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As we all know that Austin McBroom is facing several lawsuits, his troubles are only increasing. Recently, Instagram model, Noelle Leyva revealed that he and Jason Derulo slid into her DMs. She appeared on Bradley Martyn’s podcast, Raw Talk. After she revealed it, Martyn and his co-hosts were shocked. While both men have been accused of cheating on their spouses, people were still shocked. Recently, McBroom was sued by the City of Beverly Hills for his fan parade.

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Few months back, Tana Mongeau revealed that Austin McBroom has cheated on his wife

The ACE Family YouTuber, Austin McBroom is married to former Victoria’s Secrets model, Catherine McBroom, Together, they share three kids and own their YouTube channel. In the past, Tana Mongeau claimed that Austin McBroom cheated on his wife. She made these claims in a tweet and said:

“Remember when you had one of your security guards drop off $40,000 in a bag to my roommate so they wouldn’t expose you cheating? You didn’t pay me though.”

In response to Mongeau’s tweet, McBroom hit back and said:

🧢 to the biggest clout chaser of them all! And it was actually Erika Costell’s lipstick dummy, I was taking Jake and her back to Jake’s house. This lame as lie ain’t gunna save the attention that your lil bf Bryce is about to get for his ass whoopin.

Apart from her Jake Paul also accused Austin McBroom of cheating every weekend on his wife.

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Recently, Noelle Leyva claimed that McBroom and Jason Derulo slid into her DMs

Austin McBroom & Jason Derulo Exposed For Sliding Into Instagram Models' DMs

During the latest episode of Raw Talk by Bradley Martyn, Noelle Leyva made an appearance. For those who don’t know, she is an Instagram model and a TikToker with 400k followers. At the same time, she is famous for fitness and motivational videos. While talking about her dating life, Martyn revealed that he has looked into her DMs. He said:

“I looked through all her DMs. She has got DM-ed by everyone you can think of. All blue checks.”

Initially, she stopped Bradley Martyn from talking about it. However, she later revealed that Austin McBroom and Jason Derulo have slid into her DMs. At this, the other co-hosts expressed their shock. While everyone expected Austin McBroom to do this, Jacobsen did not believe that Jason Derulo could also do this. She called him a dirty piece of dog s**t. While McBroom has been accused multiple times of cheating, Derulo also faced backlash for rumors of infidelity with his baby mama, Jena Frumes.

Despite these accusations, Austin McBroom or Jason Derulo have not responded. While there is no evidence, I cannot say that I am surprised.

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