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Jennifer Aniston is a Southern Belle in Netflix’s Dumplin’ Trailer

Jennifer Aniston is a Southern Belle in the new Netflix movie trailer Dumplin' which is all about beauty pageants and body stereotypes

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Jennifer Aniston is one of the most recognizable faces around the world. She famously played Rachel Greene in the 90’s comedy sitcom Friends After the end of the show, she has been dabbling in different projects. She made it big with her movie Cake where she took on a role of a woman with chronic pain and another major life tragedy. In the latest trailer for Netflix movie, Dumplin‘, we see her as a host of a beauty pageant. Jennifer Aniston is not only a host but also a mother to a daughter who defies everything she is. A Southern belle through and through.

The Dumplin’ Trailer

The trailer for Netflix movie Dumplin’ was released today. The trailer starts with two girl in floats in a pool. One of them is telling her friend that her mother has already started her diet. Enter Jennifer Aniston. Looking like a queen, complete with an exquisite tiara. She needs help getting out of the car though. The girls help her out. We find out that the story is about Jennifer’s daughter whom she calls Dumplin’. So, that is where the title comes from.

Turns out the young lady’s name is Willowdean Dixon aka Will. She is a plus-sized girl with beautiful gold locks who is very attached to her best friend. Will is the complete opposite of her mother. Jennifer Aniston is Rosie Dixon who is a local celebrity who is very particular about her looks. She might even be a former beauty pageant winner of the town. She is a Southern belle which comes out heavily in her accent.

Moreover, she makes her daughter drive her around. However, Rosie does not seem ashamed of her daughter. That all turns around when Will decides to sign up for the pageant. She initiates a movement in which other “misfits” sign up for the beauty pageant. We see their journey shaping up from there. That also includes going to a drag show and making costume statements.

Jennifer Aniston Shines in Dumplin’ Trailer

While the movie trailer is great. it seems like one the various adaptation that Netflix has released this year. That includes To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser. Dumplin’ also centers around a core issue around the main character. Jennifer Aniston shines through the trailer because this is nothing like she has ever done before. She is seen as a sassy, Southern belle. While upholding the standards of beauty pageants. And it never hurts to admit that even at 50, she looks radiant and beautiful as ever. It will be interesting to see Jennifer’s take on a Southern mom.

Jennifer Aniston will also be starring in an Apple morning show, alongside Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell.

Dumplin’ Movie

The movie is based on the book by Julie Murphy. It will release on December 7th. Anne Fletcher is directing the movie while Kristen Hahn has written the screenplay. The movie will also feature new music from Dolly Parton who seems to be a big influence in the story.

Recently, Jennifer Aniston compared her character with her own mother, with whom she had a strained relationship with.

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