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Viola Davis Spills How She Lost Her 28 Days Cleanse in Two Days to Jimmy Fallon

Viola Davis talked about how she lost on her 28 days cleanse in two days on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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Viola Davis is such a queen. It is like the woman can do no wrong. She has been the powerful lead in the hit TV show, How to Get Away with Murder. She not only won an Emmy for that but also scored herself an Oscar for Fences. Presently, she is not out and about promoting her new movie Windows. She appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. There she talked about her movie and how it was to work with Steve McQueen. Her new Glamour magazine cover, her daughter and a new Corduroy book. And the most relate-able story about how she went on a bender while on a 28 day cleanse diet.

Viola Davis Lost on her 28 Days Cleanse

Viola Davis came out to the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. She is presently promoting her upcoming movie Widows. The started to talk about how the movie is violent in content. Viola started to tell a story about a 28 days cleanse that the cast committed to. She told Jimmy that one of their makeup artists, Kalaadevi had a swami, and a third eye. Viola Davis decided that they should do a cleanse. In this cleanse, they would mediate everyday. They were not allowed to chew or suck their food. That meant that only liquid diet was allowed. Viola said she was awed by the idea. She said she wanted to do it and release her anger. Her husband Julius had his reservations. Viola did an amazing impression of him saying,

Why the hell would you want to do something like that, V? I ain’t never seen you miss a meal. I don’t know how the hell you’re gonna do something like that.

Viola Davis told her husband that the cleanse was a ‘game changer’ for her. She then went on to admit that she only lasted two day on a 28 days cleanse.

The Relatable Story of How Viola Davis Lost Her Cleanse

Then she went on to tell how she has lost. It is the most relatable story ever. The actress told Jimmy that she was in the Jacuzzi and got a call from her niece who made her lose her temper. They had an argument. She went upstairs and ate a hamburger. That wasn’t the end.

Viola Davis then went to a McDonald’s drive-thru and ate food from there. Then drank something with vodka, lemon and soda water, when they were not supposed to drink alcohol. Jimmy was all laughs. He commented that she went on a bender.

Viola said that she went on set the next day. When Kalaadevi asked her how the cleanse was going, she came out straight. She said;

“Kalaadevi, I don’t have time for this, I need my anger. I got a chip on my shoulder. I always had a chip on my shoulder, and it works for me. Because if I don’t let this stuff out, imma blow up.”

Other Things They Talked About

They also talked about Viola being on the cover of the Glamour magazine. She is their “Woman of the Year”. Viola Davis then told how her daughter had guided them throughout the shoot. They talked about her new book Corduroy Takes the Last Bow. Her new movie Widows and director Steve McQueen.


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