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Trisha Paytas responds to allegations faking her newfound spirituality

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Recently, Trisha Paytas has been facing a lot of backlash and criticism. Although they are also to blame for it, people do not let go of any opportunity to bash Paytas. A few days back, the YouTuber posted about their spiritual journey and received backlash once again. Many claimed that they are faking it all and should be banned from the internet. In response to this, Paytas claimed that it is better to fake positivity than spread negativity.

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Recently, Trisha Paytas have been a target of hate on the internet.

Although they have always received criticism, things have been really bad for a while now. A few months ago, Ethan Klein called Trisha Paytas out for wrongly accusing their high school teacher. According to Paytas, a teacher s**ually harassed them and a fellow classmate. At the time, Trisha Paytas was underage and could not understand what was happening. In one of their TikTok videos, the YouTuber named the teacher and provoked their followers to look him up. Later, it was revealed that the teacher have passed away but his family had to go through a lot of agonies. According to Klein, these claims are baseless and have no evidence. This led to the hate mob attacking them and prompting Paytas to delete 1300 videos from the channel.

In the latest video, they shared about the spiritual awakening and the people bashed Paytas.

While talking about the spiritual journey, Trisha Paytas made sure to include their paid channel subscription ad. According to them, they have been connecting with their inner self. In the video, Trisha Paytas said:

My spiritual journey have been amazing. My vibrations, my frequency have been at all time high. A lot of people are saying its a manic high but I don’t think so. Just centering myself every morning and connecting with my source energy, non-physical being and God, its life changing. Along with therapy and CBD classes, breathing in and out, all ties in. But you have to commit to it.

At the same time, Paytas mentioned that their followers should join My Chemical Imbalance to get daily affirmations and breathing techniques. Once again, it will also come with a subscription fee. However, people did not like this idea and instantly shut Trisha Paytas down. According to them, Paytas has ruined lives and is faking this spiritual journey. Therefore, they should be banned forever.

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After the backlash, Trisha Paytas came back with a response.

Although no one asked for it, Trisha Paytas had to respond to the new criticism. In a video, they addressed the backlash and comments of Paytas faking the spiritual journey. They said:

Many people believe that I’m faking the spirituality and kindness which makes no sense. Let’s talk about that, even if I am faking it in theory. Even if I’m not doing any of the breathing techniques and all of that, isn’t it better than trolling and spreading negativity? You start questioning yourself, which you shouldn’t btw, it’s another rule, never doubt yourself.

Although Trisha Paytas might be making sense for the first time, unfortunately, it is a little too late. Since then, they have deleted the video from their YouTube channel. But, nothing ever gets deleted on the internet.

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