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What’s Cooking Between Tana Mongeau and Too Hot To Handle’s Joey Joy?

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Well!! I don’t think you guys need an introduction of the very unproblematic and not at all flirty Tana Mongeau. But some of you might not be aware of Joey Joy. So let me give you all a little scoop on this hunk. Joey Joy was a guest participant of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle’s season 2. This means that Joey joined the show when most of the participants picked up their partners. And at that time, a fellow participant named Carly Lawrence was seeing Chase DeMoor. But then Chase called it quits with her and moved on to some other girl. And that’s how Charly and Joey got together. These two continued dating after the show ended. But then Carly recently shared that Joey betrayed her trust by cheating on her.
Now we are not sure if Joey cheated on Carly with Tana Mongeau or someone else.

Joey posted a video on his YouTube and explained the whole thing. But there is a possibility that Joey is doing what Tana did with Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle season 1 contestant Francesca Farago. You guys might remember that Tana started seeing Francesca Farago when she (Francesca) ended things with Harry Jowsey. But then Francesca started seeing Tana’s ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne. So Tana decided to get some clout by getting super friendly and cozy with Francesca’s ex-boyfriend Harry Jowsey. Now you guys must be thinking what is this mess and why would they get cozy with each other’s exes? Umm, because they all love the clout. And there is a possibility that Tana and Joey are only hanging out together for the sake of it.

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Is Tana Mongeau actually seeing Joey Joy?

So a couple of days ago, Joey shared a picture with Tana on his Instagram. Now we don’t know if they traveled together to Miami or if they planned on meeting up there. But a photographer named Julian Otavo clicked some photos of them. And Joey shared them on his Instagram.

And I guess we all have to agree with Joey’s caption which is solely for Tana, ‘The CloutFarm Queen’. But why is Joey only calling our very own flirty berry ‘Tana’ the CloutFarm Queen? As Tana has many followers and is earning a lot through social media collaborations and her OnlyF*ns. But maybe this time she is helping a friend (Joey) who is in need of getting clout.

Tana also posted some videos on her TikTok with absolutely hilarious captions. Where the guy in the mask was a mystery.

As we all know that Halloween celebrations are at their peak. And almost all of the celebrities and influencers are dressing up in their favorite Halloween characters. Tana and Joey decided to do the same. In the first screenshot from Tana’s video, Joey is dressed up as The Ghost Face from Scream. Tana captioned the video as ‘Scream 4 me daddy’. After which a lot of fans wanted to solve the mystery of the actual daddy behind the mask. As they were confused between Bryce and Harry. But then Tana posted another video in which Joey’s face can clearly be seen.

Though we can’t figure out if they are clout chasing or trying to have some fun together. But the mystery of the daddy behind the mask is actually solved for now. And we will get to hear more about it on Tana’s Cancelled podcast very soon.

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