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Warner Bros. defends Dougray Scott against Ruby Rose’s allegations

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The feud between Ruby Rose and Warner Bros. is intensifying. After the actress leveled allegations of maintaining horrifying workplace conditions and toxic environment on former WB TV Chairman Peter Roth and showrunner Caroline Dries, the actress also accused co-star Dougray Scott of unprofessional and inappropriate behavior. Previously, WB doubled down on Rose after she made the allegations. Now, the studio has also released a statement defending Scott.

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Warner Bros. defend Dougray Scott, instead blaming Ruby Rose of having an unprofessional behavior

Warner Bros. Defends Dougray Scott Against Ruby Rose's Allegations

In a statement to Deadline, Warner Bros. completely dismissed all of the allegations made by Rose against Scott. They backed the actor, calling him a professional, and clearly mentioned that they did not extend Rose’s contract because of multiple complaints they received against her regarding her workplace behavior. They said:

We condemn the comments made by Ruby Rose about Dougray Scott. Warner Bros. has found Mr. Scott to be a consummate professional, and never received any allegation against him of bullying, or of abusive behavior on his part. Mr. Scott was greatly respected and admired by his colleagues, and was a leader on the set. Warner Bros. Television did not pick up Ruby Rose’s option for an additional season because of multiple complaints about workplace behavior that were extensively reviewed by the Studio.

In her allegations, Ruby Rose gave a detailed account of the hardships she and others who work on the set have faced. Following her initial allegations on her Instagram account, she also wrote addressing Scott, saying:

Dougray. I have too many witnesses coming forward with worse than just your anger Issues [sic].. but ur sueing me for 10 million cos @gberlanti shared his lawyer with you.. please.. come first so I can use the money from that case to take on g berlanti

Furthermore, Dougray Scott also defended himself against Rose and her allegations. He backed the statements that Warner Bros. released, saying:

As Warner Bros. Television has stated, they decided not to exercise the option to engage Ruby for season two of Batwoman based on multiple complaints about her workplace behaviour. I absolutely and completely refute the defamatory and damaging claims made against me by her; they are entirely made up and never happened.

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The studio has faced similar allegations before as well

However, it is important to note that this is not the first time that Warner Bros. production has faced accusations of harboring a toxic workplace environment. Previously, multiple former employees accused The Ellen DeGeneres Show along with the host of having a toxic and unprofessional work environment. It also included instances of harassment as well as racism. As a result, WarnerMedia conducted an internal investigation and fired three top executives who worked on the show. However, the damage was too much for the show to recover from. Viewership numbers dropped on the show, and now WB has announced that they’re ending the show in 2022. Currently, there is no news of an internal investigation behind CW’s Batwoman.

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