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Mindy Kaling Wants to Work With Shahruhk Khan

Can someone please make this happen?

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Mindy Kaling, The Office and The Mindy Project actress and author of best-selling books Why Not Me? and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, has revealed who she wants to star alongside with if she was ever to do a Bollywood movie. It’s none other than Shahruhk Khan! And guess what, the Bollywood big shot might be getting his own Marvel movie.

Why Shahrukh Khan?

Why Shahrukh Khan?
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Well, those well acquainted with the glamorous world of Bollywood would immediately recognize the name. Shahrukh Khan is one of the biggest names in the industry. He’s the Romeo of the modern world of Bollywood. The actors has won hearts over the decades by an array of complex and romantic characters that lure the audience in with his unique charm and whimsically unique traits. Simply put, he’s Bollywood’s Ryan Gosling. Kal Ho Naa Ho and Mohabbatein were India’s own A Walk to Remember and The Fault in Our Stars. Though, vastly different stories surrounding love and heartbreak, the emotions invoked have a similar intensity and depth. Plus, Shahrukh Khan’s elaborate dance sequences and iconic lip syncing would leave Jimmy Fallon to shame.

So, it’s really no surprise that Mindy Kaling gave Shahrukh Khan as an answer. And we’re pretty sure they would make a cute couple if they’re starring in a romantic comedy together. It would be the best of both worlds, a collision of two of the most powerful industries in the world. They’d be the new fictitious power couple that the world would openly welcome.

Mindy Kaling Needs Her Own Bollywood Movie

Mindy Kaling Needs Her Own Bollywood Movie

Mindy Kaling has been one of our favorite celebrities in the world of Hollywood who have a unique voice. She represents the brown female voice in the comedic sitcom industry, Offering us a fresh perspective in hilarious situations we encounter in everyday life and giving little brown girls hope that they too can dream big. Her success in Hollywood is undoubtedly commendable! But we have to admit, seeing her doing a huge dance number with hundreds of extras and Sharukh Khan by her side, is something I’d pay big bucks to see. Mindy’s family moved to the United States the year she was born. Born to immigrant parents but having lived her whole life in America means that Mindy Kaling provides an even uniquer perspective to the entertainment industry.

It doesn’t seem like Shahrukh Khan saw the tweet yet because there was no response to it. But we sure hope he does and hits Mindy Kaling up for a new movie project!

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